Yoshito Okubo “I’m used to criticism” Retired in the middle of the season –J1: Nikkan Sports

Former Japan national team FW Yoshito Okubo (38), who returned to Cerezo Osaka for the first time in 15 years, responded to an interview with Nikkan Sports at the campsite Miyazaki on the 2nd. He mentioned his determination to camp at his best weight for the first time this season, his 21st year as a pro, and that he may retire during the season. He talked about his true feelings, including his goals for this season. On the 4th, the first practice game of this season will be held with J Club, and the new Okubo will be unveiled.[Interview / composition = Kazuyuki Yokota, editorial board member]

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After the third day of Miyazaki camp, Okubo had a sharp body that had never been seen before. The nominal weight is 73 kg, but this season it started with the best 70 kg. It is said to be the first professional attempt.

“Actually, for 20 years since I became a professional, I’ve always started with a weight of 5 to 7 kg. That’s why I’ve never eaten delicious local food at the camp. I had to lose weight. But this year is different. Off is a personal trainer. I practiced a lot. My body is very sharp. I can play games anytime. “

It is not the position that promised a fixed position to squeeze the body from the beginning. The first practice game of the season will be held with the J club on the 4th, but there is a high possibility that he will participate suddenly.

When it was decided to return to Cerezo Osaka, some supporters criticized him as “Why do you take Okubo, 38, who had no score last season at J2 Tokyo Verdy?”

“I’m used to criticism, and in 2012, the year before I moved to Kawasaki Frontale, I scored only 4 points at (Vissel) Kobe. I was messed up when I was told,’Why do you get 31-year-old Okubo?’ (Still, I was able to become the top scorer for 3 consecutive years from 13 years) Because the position of FW is whether a pass will come or not. Of course, I have to do my best as a premise, but Mr. Kengo Nakamura is in Kawasaki F I’m looking forward to it because there is Kiyo (Kiyotake) in C Osaka. “

This season, when he turned 39 in June, he moved to the old nest in preparation for retirement.

“It’s not the aesthetic of retiring when it’s completely burned, but if you think” no more “with your own sensibility, stop even in the middle of the season. I’ve been thinking that since I was 18 years old.”

The last goal scored in Cerezo Osaka was against Jubilo Iwata on November 11, 2006. The goal since then is expected in the J1 opening match against Kashiwa Reysol on the 27th.

“I remember. I was in the middle of my left foot at that time. (Even after the opening) If I score points, I can update the J1 total score (currently 185 points). It doesn’t matter if I start or play in the middle. There is a substitute slot for people. It’s not like winning with 11 starting pitchers. There are a total of 200 goals (listed at the new press conference), but the title is won first. “

◆ Yoshito Okubo Born in Fukuoka Prefecture on June 9, 1982 (Showa 57). Enter C Osaka from Kunimi. 2004 Mallorca, 2007 C From Osaka to Kobe. To Wolfsburg in 2008, to Kobe, Kawasaki F, Tokyo, Kawasaki F, Iwata, J2 Tokyo V after 2009. 2004 Athens Olympics, 10 and 14 World Cup Japan national team. 6 goals in 60 international A matches. 170 cm, 73 kg

◆ Notice This interview was conducted by submitting a reporter’s PCR negative certificate to the club and taking measures against infectious diseases such as keeping a distance from the athletes.



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