Yoshitomo Tsutsugo remains on a one-year contract What is the unusual attempt that Pirates adopted in the contract process? | Full-Count

Originally, it is necessary to undergo a medical check at the home base, but …

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo outfielder who changed from pirates to FA and decided to remain for 4 million dollars (about 450 million yen) a year. Agent Joel Wolfe held an online press conference on the 29th, revealing the unusual attempt Pirates made with the deal.

Tsutsugo has agreed on a one-year contract and has decided to remain in the Pirates. Normally, in the major leagues, if you agree to transfer, you will receive a medical check at a medical institution designated by the team, clear it, and sign a formal contract. Therefore, the players had to go to the home of the team.

However, this time, Pirates took an unusual approach to the contract for Tsutsugo. Tsutsugo had already returned to Japan when the contract was agreed, and if it were the same as before, he would have to go to the United States again to undergo a medical check, and the period of quarantine in Corona was inevitable. rice field.

“Pirates were very kind in the process of negotiations. During the quarantine period, we were looking for a way to complete the contract, including a physical examination, without Yoshi going back to the United States again. “Wolf reveals. After receiving a recommendation from a Rangers doctor, the Pirates agreed to undergo a medical checkup with a Japanese doctor and hospital. It is said that he was able to clear this, clear up, and sign a renewal contract.

In the case of Corona, this medical check mechanism is one of the bottlenecks in contracts for foreign players including Japanese. So, Mr. Wolf said, “I hope this is a sign of the future, and it will be very easy for Japanese players who are in the same situation as us to sign a contract in the future.” He said, and hoped that this medical check system would become the standard.

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