You already know! Criminals kill Chinese students for ransom : PPTVHD36

The Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police District 1 is speeding up the case of a group of Chinese people holding Chinese students for ransom. before killing Arrest warrants issued recently for 3 people who are preparing to coordinate China. Red warrant for arrest

Progress in the police case at Bang Mae Nang Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, receiving reports that the body of a murdered woman was found stuffed in a rainbow plastic bag. Leaving a water channel in the lotus garden On Wat Ton Chueak Salaya Road, Village No. 6, Bang Yai Subdistrict, Nonthaburi Province, it was initially found that a Chinese student, about 22 years old, was kidnapped and held for ransom. Before the murder, stuffing a plastic bag to hide the case

Most recently, today at Bang Mae Nang Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, Pol. Maj. Gen. Peerapong Wongsamarn, Deputy Commissioner of Provincial Police Region 1, together with Metropolitan Police Investigation Division 1 and Nonthaburi Police, together to speed up the case meeting. The meeting took more than 2 hours.

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Maj Gen Peerapong said that various evidence information that the investigative department collected at the scene and the car at the scene of the accident, it can be concluded that there are 3 Chinese criminals in this case, 1 Thai person, who is now have come to see the authorities and they will report payments immediately. .

Warrants for the other three have been issued for their detention, detention, ransom, intent to kill by torture. Hide and destroy the body and discover that the 3 have fled abroad.

for female villains In which officers are currently taking the exam, it was found at the outset that they were giving advice. and consult with the group responsible for the crime There is a chat line to talk to each other as evidence.

Police Major General Peerapong further said that From the preliminary examination, it was found that the deceased knew the crowd. since being in China Some deceased online study correlation With Bangkok Thonburi University for 2 years and this year is the third year, so he traveled to study on March 8, and followed the group that caused the crime. until such an event occurs

for the 3 Chinese people who caused the incident to enter Thailand Using a tourist visa for 15 days, the woman who gave evidence of working in a service And was the one who sent a group of Chinese people to the airport on after this had to be questioned in order to expand the results further.

At the same time, Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat National Commissioner of Police (Chief of Police) said that we now know all the perpetrators. and an arrest warrant has been issued. After this, a red notice will be issued. by coordinating the Chinese police Follow him and punish him. He has assigned the Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, deputy chief of police, coordinates part of the Chinese embassy. to speed up the process

Pol Gen said. Damrongsak that he must now wait to hear information from each investigating department first. But the initial motive was knowing that it was a ransom with an affair involved.

Pol Gen said. Damrongsak that quite a few Chinese crimes have been committed in Thailand in the past. who has already instructed all officials, in fact, that Thai-Chinese have always worked together And the fact that Thailand has a Visa On Arrival (VOA) visa that allows tourists to come and get a visa. at the airport It is considered a tourism promotion that facilitates tourists. But having many people come to travel can cause a villain to hide in.