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It has been a few days since rumors started circulating that actor Hrithik Roshan and actress and singer Saba Azad are in love. The gossip was strong when the two appeared together in public. Recently, pictures of Saba celebrating her holiday with Hrithik’s family went viral.

Hrithik Roshan’s comment on a post he shared on Instagram has now been picked up by fans. Saba sings the song from Satyajit Ray’s classic movie ‘Guppy Gain Baga Baini’.

“You are an extraordinary man.” Hrithik Roshan commented on Saba’s song. Saba replied to Hrithik, “You are the most kind.”

Hrithik’s ex-wife is Susanne Khan. Hrithik was married to his childhood friend Susanne in 2000. There are two boys in this relationship, Hrohan and Hridan. Hrithik Roshan broke up with Susanne in 2014. Hrithik Roshan has filed for divorce at the request of Susanne.

Saba, who is also a singer, made her Bollywood debut in 2008 with Dil Kabaddi. Muje Friendship Karonge, Pure Veg. Saba has acted in films like Connected and Feels Like Ishq. Saba is currently starring in the web series Rocket Boys.

Content Highlights: Hrithik Roshan’s comment on rumoured girlfriend Saba Azad’s singing went viral

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