You are faking each other! Koeman stunned by Barcelona over Wijnaldum

Koeman The Dutchman, who is currently unemployed, has revealed that he is keen to get him out. Wijnaldum Come and trade at the Camp Nou last summer And get the right to get the compatriot without having to pay a bag as he ends up with the Reds in the summer of 2021.

However, Koeman’s demands did not work out, as he said he was harassed by club president Joan Laporta because he did not want to fulfill his wishes. Before the opportunity to sack him a few months later after the Catalan team had a bad start to the season.

“I tried to sign Wijnaldum at Barça, but I failed because the president wanted to disturb me more than bring players in,” Koeman said on September 22.

“It caused a delay. And for that reason he chose PSG instead of playing for Barca.

However, Wijnaldum failed to secure a place in the starting line-up in the French capital after playing just 1,653 minutes in the league last season, unlike the previous campaign against Liverpool where he played a total of 2,941 minutes of English league games

until last summer The Windmill City star was loaned out to Roma, but he played just ten minutes into the Serie A season opener and suffered a broken foot and the 31-year-old is believed to have been sidelined at many stadiums for a month . and has led to the opportunity to miss out on participating in the World Cup

On his retirement from Anfield, Wijnaldum previously revealed to the English media Telegraph that he was scorned by some Red Machine fans after he decided to sign with PSG.

“The media didn’t help me at all. It was reported that Liverpool made an offer, but I didn’t accept it because I wanted more money. So the fans thought, “Okay, he didn’t accept the offer. So he’s not trying to play to the best of his ability to win the team.”

“It did no good. And everything seemed to come down to me. Sometimes I have to complain to myself, “Wow, me again?”

Wijnaldum has made 237 appearances for Liverpool over five years, helping them win the Premier League and the Champions League.

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