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CHENNAI: Actor Siddharth Singh has apologized for mocking badminton player Saina Nehwal for supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Siddharth explained that although it was meant to be a joke, it was not received as expected. Siddharth admitted that Saina was also his champion and made it clear that he had never even thought of the meanings people gave to his tweet. Siddharth’s tweet against Saina has drawn criticism for being sexually explicit.

Full version of Siddharth’s letter

Dear Saina Nehwal,

First of all I apologize for the harsh joke I made in response to a tweet from you a few days ago. I may disagree with you on a number of issues. However, after reading your tweet, I realize that the frustration and anger I felt was not enough to justify my words and their meaning.

Now about that joke … just because a joke has to be explained to others means it’s not a very good joke. I apologize for the joke that was not accepted as expected.

But let me repeat that I did not intend to tweet those words with the same bad connotations as those given by different people in different walks of life. As a collaborator of the feminist movement, I did not mean any gender in my tweets. It was not intended to attack you as a woman.

I hope we forget about this and you will receive my letter. You will always be my champion.

yours sincerely


English Summary: Siddharth apologises to ‘champion’ Saina Nehwal for controversial tweet: ‘Cannot justify my tone and words’



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