You can do it! An angry man pees and picks at his ex-wife’s grave every day, even after 48 years of giving up.

You can do it! American men take revenge Peeing and pooping in my ex-wife’s grave every day, even after 48 years of giving up, my son is very angry. I have to make mistakes

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Reported by foreign news agencies Shocking events for a child’s heart Traces of urine and plastic bags with feces were found every time he visited his mother in the church cemetery. In Orangetown, New York, USA, he had to install a camera in order to find the criminal. before getting a massive shock when you know who the villain is

The shocking story was revealed recently by 43-year-old Michael Andrew Murphy, who used hidden cameras to catch those who carried out the attack in Orangetown, New York. September 18 An elderly man who was driving an SUV started to the grave around 6:00 the morning in the morning, unzipped his pants, looked around and displayed such behavior. Either urinate and put feces around the grave, he walked back to the car.
He didn’t even know that all his actions were recorded. Michael later learned that a man, Dean Eichler, 68, from Bergenfield. New Jersey Her mother’s ex-husband divorced her 48 years ago and has not been in contact since 1976.

Michael’s mother, Linda Louis Torello, married Dean for a short time before breaking up because she was pregnant. And the man did not want to take responsibility for the child. Apparently he has a grudge against his ex-wife and has had a grudge ever since.

Image courtesy of Michael Andrew Murphy.

“I saw his car come in. At first I tried to go by car. But I was afraid he would frighten him, so I hid, and saw him walking up to the grave. I’ve never been so angry in my life.”

In addition, Michael posted a message on his personal Facebook, saying,This breaks my heart A man from Bergen County, New Jersey left a bag of feces and feces on my mother’s grave almost every morning. We have weeks and months of evidence.”

Image courtesy of Michael Andrew Murphy.

“The police and news agencies have been informed. No one in my family has been in contact with him since about 1976, how he found my mother’s grave, we are not sure, but this became a problem almost 50 years ago. Please pray for us. Thank you and please share this!!!”

Michael and his sister previously requested permission from the cemetery administration to install the cameras. in the hope of using it as evidence that can catch the criminal After finding traces of urine and feces at the mother’s grave almost every day. The recorded video also revealed that the man is almost always accompanied by his current wife. which makes it more stealthy

However, Michael said the police told him there was not much they could do. He was hoping to file a complaint against the man for destroying a cemetery which was a crime in New York State. But when it became a viral trend that was talked about Orangetown police confirmed on Monday, September 26 that they had issued a warrant for public urination.

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