You can get direct death magic eyes…? From “Kara no Kyoukai”, let’s solve the case with the “Ryogiseki” model wrist with a red belt that imitates a leather jacket and a shell dial that looks like a demon’s eye!

Gentlemen and ladies,special powerHave you ever wanted to wake up to

waking up from a coma“The Evil Eye of Instant Death”get the…

It’s impossible to do that, but maybe you can get a watch with the image of that ability!

 “Game goods you want to use every day”Now, I’ll pick one item from the SuperGroupies lineup each week and tell you about its appeal. Why not express your love of anime occasionally with stylish merchandise?

For the 94th time, we would like to presentFrom “Kara no Kyukai”, watch the model “Ryogi”.I cannot see death, but I have the ability to see time!


A “Ryogi” model wristwatch with a red belt that imitates a leather jacket and a shell dial that looks like a demonic eye.

Goods to present this time“skyline”oh,“Ryo Ritual”watch model.polishingclassy dialThe red belt, which is inspired by the leather jacket she always wears, has a cool design that complements her arms and is very stylish!

 “The Evil Eye of Instant Death”The dial is a shell dial that glows and changes color depending on the viewing angle. It is an attractive design that you can feel the scene where she sees death at any time, although it has a luxurious feel!

on the back cover“skyline”The logo is also solidly written!

Because it is a stylish design that can be used every day regardless of your gender,“Mode”Also“weave”A watch that suits you!

I actually tried wearing it!

Cool and simple design!
It was an elegant wristwatch that I couldn’t believe was an anime product.every time I look at the dialwatched by herIt’s a special one that makes you feel that way!

thisFrom “Kara no Kyukai”, “Ryogi” wrist watch modelis presented to one person by lottery!

Be careful not to hit the point of death…!

Read the terms and conditions of the campaign below.Official Twitter of Denfa Minico GamerWhennuman Official TwitterFollow + retweet the target tweet to apply.

The Ryogi Ritual Model Watch Wristwatch Sora no Kyukai sales page is here
Click here for the official SuperGroupies website

Product information

Country of origin: China (only the machine is made in Japan)
material /
Case, crown, case back, buckle: stainless steel
Devil: brass, mother of pearl
Needle: brass
Windshield: Plastic
Band: Cowhide (lining: synthetic leather)
Engines: MIYOTA2035

Description of the quantity

Size: Free
Band width: about 2cm
Case length: about 4.3cm
Case width: about 3.6cm
Letter tray: approx 2.5cm
Dial width: about 2.5cm
Minimum wrist circumference: approximately 13cm
Maximum wrist circumference: about 18cm
Weight: 33g

* Due to the use of natural materials, there are individual differences in the dial part. Please specify.
* Regarding watch repairs, defects, battery replacement, and size adjustment, the manufacturer will correspond.
Please contact Maruzeki Co., Ltd. from the email address below.
* The image is a sample. Some parts may differ from the actual product. Please specify.

© Kinoko Nasu/Kodansha, Aniplex, Notes, ufotable

Present details of the campaign

● How to apply

1.Denfami Official Twitter (@denfaminicogame)WhenNuman’s Official Twitter (@numan_edd)follow
2. RT the campaign tweet

● About winning

・ We will present a lottery from among those who applied.
・ The announcement of the winner will be replaced by contacting the winner.
・ Winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter.

● Campaign Terms

・ Applications are limited to those living in Japan. Please note that we do not send gifts overseas.
・ As soon as the shipping address information is confirmed, the gift will be shipped in order within a week. However, shipping may be delayed.
・ The winning right cannot be transferred to a third party.
・Exchanging gifts for cash is prohibited.
・ If the application information is incomplete or untrue, or if the Company deems the applicant to be ineligible, the Company may disqualify the applicant from being eligible to receive the gift or win the prize, or may cancel the offer or the prize. .
・ Please note that we cannot respond to individual inquiries about this campaign, such as whether you have won the prize or not, the reason for cancellation, etc.
・ The content of this campaign and giveaways may change due to the circumstances of our company.
・ Personal information of customers involved in this campaign will not be used for any purpose other than contacting winners by email and sending gifts.
・ The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by delivery delay, non-delivery, deletion or loss of information, etc. by the current delivery company. We also do not accept returns or gift exchanges.
・Please note that neither our company nor Twitter will be held responsible for any damages caused by your participation or failure to participate in this campaign.
・ This campaign is not operated, provided or sponsored by Twitter.


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