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This is an open letter addressed to the director of the film “SIRA”, which won the Etalon d’argent de Yennenga at the 28th FESPACO.

I am not a filmmaker, but a cinephile. No technical appreciation can come from me in this missive that I address to an Amazon, a Yennenga not made of gold but of blood.

Dear Apolline Traoré, allow me to talk to you to express more easily what has been driving my mind since the end of this meeting of the 7th African art in our country: #FESPACO 2023

After our President “IB”, it is to you that I write a letter, my 2nd of the year 2023. “Chance” wanted me to stay in the “family” Traoré, in different but promising circumstances. same symbol: hope!

Yes, since the politico-military events of September 2022, this is the second time that I have seen such a great wind of hope blowing over my country. You felt it, you lived it because you were the source. This is further proof that we can unite for the same cause, the same dream. This time, it was the Etalon d’or that united our positive energies. It was beautiful, it was very impressive.

From gold to silver, hope has not been disillusioned

We would have wanted the gold, we wanted the gold for you, for us. This hope stayed with us until the evening of the verdict that awarded you the money. Yes, a Silver Stallion which Burkina had not seized for many years. In this, it is a new hope, which makes us believe that gold is indeed possible for us a 3rd time.

How great was my joy to see all the joy that was his when you held the Silver Stallion. There, I understood that you really understood us; that our pride had not been scratched in any way and that in our hearts, the Stallion we bestowed on you was more than gold.

Besides, you didn’t deserve this Etalon d’or

No, you didn’t deserve that Stallion some wanted you to have. This trophy that would be awarded to you just because you are a woman, and that would be a first for this fringe of our society for whom you fight so much through your art.

No, not this Stallion who would simply come back to you because Burkina has been missing since the coronation of “Maestro” Idrissa Ouédraogo.

No, for your career which inspires respect, a Gold Stallion of this type would only have tarnished your image. I know that is by far what you would want in the list of prizes that have sanctioned your many works. Basically, the joy provided by this Silver Stallion far exceeds that which would have accompanied the gold that you would have received for the considerations mentioned above.

You didn’t get the Gold Stallion

But in our hearts, you are engraved in letters of gold.

May your art shine brighter for the next edition

And that merit always outweighs compromise.

In the end, let the merit of gold be yours, head held high

And let the pride remain ours.

Dear Apolline, thank you for the hope… for the dream.

May #Sira continue its journey for, no doubt, other laurels…

Adam Davy SOMA.


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