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Whoever is against Europe should fear him: the milkshake has become a protest in the United Kingdom. Nigel Farage has felt this.

To make it clear that you do not throw food. Especially not to other people. You do not throw eggs or cream pies. Who still throws it, he is an idiot.

The British right-wing populist Tommy R. has been pelted several times over the past few days with food. Certainly: R. is a very unpleasant contemporary, who on the one hand rail against Europe and on the other hand wants to be quickly elected into the European Parliament. But can you throw it at him? With strawberry shakes?

The launcher, which is well known, had previously bought their shakes in the restaurants of a well-known fast food chain. That had led to the Scottish Edinburgh last weekend that the police of the chain prohibited the milkshake sale. The former Ukip boss and Brexitler Nigel Farage was in the city, because you wanted to play it safe. (The competition immediately advertised: "Dear Scots, we continue to sell milkshakes, have fun.") Just a few hours later, a shake landed on Farage in Newcastle.

Cake can be placed better

As the father of the modern food throw the Belgian Noël Godin, 73, who has thrown almost everything from Marguerite Duras to Bill Gates, which came before him on the sponge cake. The philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy Godin even accused several times, because he thought he was humorless. Sure, that with the cream cake makes for visual protest almost more meaning than a flying milkshake. Cake can be placed better. Also, a certain strange component is not too short. That's why Hal Roach had ordered 3000 cakes for the Laurel and Hardy movie "The Battle of the Century". With them should already be proclaimed in the mid-1920s, the end of all pie battles in film history (which did not change the fact that Blake Edwards in 1964 ordered a thousand pies more, for the finale of "The Great Race" namely).

Unsurpassed in its flying symbolism remains: the egg. Even if it sometimes bounces off unharmed (as recently in an attack on the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison) or meets the wrong one (after the CDU's top candidate Frank S. during a campaign appearance in 2001 behind his chancellor candidate Stoiber in front of a flying egg to safety , his political career was virtually on ice). For protesters, an egg is and remains what upper-bodies reveal to Femen activists.

Politically, the question remains whether after the "Pâtissiers sans Frontières", the confectioners without borders, soon the "Shakers for Europe" could rise to a major protest movement. If so, it would not be a bad idea to take to the streets in raincoats instead of yellow vests. Especially in the UK. And instead of reusable cups restaurants should quietly sell paper cups again. They do not hurt so much.


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