“You don’t even give extra time for karaoke like this”… Will bed football disappear?

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One of the highlights of this World Cup is the significant increase in extra time.

In the match between England and Iran, 14 minutes of extra time were given in the first half, which was unusual.

In accordance with FIFA policy to accurately reflect the 90 minute match time, so-called ‘bed football’, which deliberately delays time, is no longer effective.

This is Reporter Cha Hyun-jin.

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The first leg of the group stage between England and Iran.

A staggering 14 minutes of extra time were given in the first half after the match was postponed due to an injury to the Iranian goalkeeper.

This was not the end.

In the second half after scoring consecutive goals, the extra time was 13 minutes.

With 27 minutes of extra time in the first and second half, the players went into overtime.

In the match between Senegal and the Netherlands, 10 minutes of extra time was given in the second half, the longest extra time since the 1966 World Cup in England pouring in from 1st to 4th in one day.

[박문성/카타르 월드컵 MBC 해설위원]

“I think they gave me almost the first half of the extension…”

According to a statistical media analysis of 32 World Cup games in Russia, the number of games stopped due to injuries, ceremonies, or video review was 13 minutes per game, but only half of that was the extra time actually used.

In response to this point, FIFA set a policy to keep the match time exactly 90 minutes before this World Cup.

[피에를루이지 콜리나/FIFA심판위원장]

“Basically five or six minutes go by just to celebrate when three goals are scored. What we want is to calculate the exact extra time.”

The time delay of the Middle Eastern teams, the so-called ‘bed football’, is also expected to be useless.

In fact, when the Saudi Arabian player knocked down Argentina’s lead yesterday, the referee pointed to the clock and expressed his intention to reflect it in extra time.

The possibility of a dramatic goal has also increased, such as Iran Taremi’s goal in the 103rd minute, the latest in World Cup history.

Last minute concentration and stamina are also factors in a game where the result cannot be guaranteed until the whistle blows.

This is MBC News Cha Hyun-jin.

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