“You don’t have to be alone this year,” a love song for Valentine’s Day. From the ultimate love song icon from “No One Else”

Raising the position of the icon Nick, the godfather of love songs for this band without any doubt for the band. Nobody else Recently, I would like to send a song to welcome the love festival for couples to be sweet and juicy with music. “This year, you don’t have to be alone.” which talks about the feeling of lonely people who have to be alone at every festival But not this year! Because the person who is looking for it finally get together You don’t have to suffer being alone like before because I have you here to celebrate together, holding hands and walking by next to each other holding hands. with a bouquet of white roses prepared for her this song has the main composer of the country “About Acharya” We put the pen beautifully in the language that is heard, The heart is full, warm and beautiful with the love that blooms. Even more combined with soul-R&B music in the style of No One Else that sounds smooth to the ear, music created by “Chef – Jittipol” including “Natty Chirut” combined with unique vocals “May – Kitiwat” Makes this song powerful and beautiful for lovers of love. In this part of the music video, they deliberately asked the fans to send their own couple clips to create a sweet moment that made you feel satisfied. The cuteness of this song really want to know how cute it is, you can follow it on YouTube Channel: Spicy disc, including listening to this song in every stream.

by May (lead singer) I would like to be a representative to tell about the origin of creating music this time “For this song, we got P Am Atchariya to compose it for us, which is very lucky for us. Because as everyone knows, P’Am has a lot of work, but it seems like our luck will be in harmony (laughs). When we saw the lyrics that P’Am had composed, we understood that this song was really our song. Because everything that is said is a reference from each of the band’s previous 3 songs. As for the music part, it’s a soul-R&B style, which is typical of No One Else, but the difficulty of making this song lies in the elegant language and play of P’Am’s words. Makes designing every word to sing and looks clear It’s something that seems easy, but it’s not easy because there are details we have to communicate the emotions for everyone to understand and comply with what we want to say. Which we would like everyone to listen to, whether you are now in a married or single status, I believe that when you listen to this song, you will definitely feel satisfied with this song.

Let’s add sweetness to welcome the season of love with music. “This year, you don’t have to be alone.” from them Nobody else available on all platforms, whether APPLE MUSIC / iTUNES / JOOX / TrueID Music / SPOTIFY Or watch the music video everyone contributed to YouTube Channel Spicydisc Willing to update other news from the band on www.facebook.com/NoOneElseFanPage , including the page https://www.facebook.com/Spicydiscrecord.

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