You don’t have to take out your computer, Haneda JAL domestic flight security inspection equipment has been renewed –Engadget Japanese version

Japan Airlines will introduce a new type of security inspection device, “X-ray CT inspection device,” at all security checkpoints used by the company at Haneda Airport. Baggage inspection is possible without taking out a personal computer or liquids.

The “X-ray CT inspection device” can perform X-ray inspection using a three-dimensional image of baggage, so there is no need to take out a personal computer or liquid from the bag.

In addition, we will set up three individual preparation stands for each lane and proceed to security inspections first for passengers who are ready to reduce waiting time.

In addition, by incorporating an ultraviolet sterilizer in the lane, it is possible to provide passengers with a safety inspection tray that has been sterilized up to 99.9%.

The installation location is Haneda Airport Domestic B / C / E / F Security Checkpoint, and installation work is scheduled to begin in late January. It will be introduced to each security checkpoint in sequence after April, with the aim of completing the introduction by August.

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