You don’t know Drama T like I know him…

And that’s a shame. ‘Cause the young man you crashed on, backlasher because of his interview of this March 18 on a local media; he deserved your respect more. Unfortunately, you don’t know his background. And that does not justify your bad faith.

I must confess: this is not my first text on the « drama » Drama T. The first was raw, virulent, direct, without jargon. I erased everything. Because Burundians don’t like the truth as it is. Drama T paid the price by saying that life abroad is more expensive than in Burundi and that he could never live there. Did he lie?


My meeting with Drama T dates from 10 years ago. At the Don Bosco High School in Ngozi, a little ebony kid with an angelic face arrived from Muyinga: the one who would become Drama T.

At that time, my parents wanted me to go to one of the best schools in the north of the country. After having bought me: sheets, bucket, etc., here I am on the doors (the same year as Drama T) of this tenuous high school by the Salesian Fathers whose effigy of Saint Bosco stares at you when you enter and these signs that will no longer fade in your head: “Da mihi animas, coetera tolle”, “give me souls and take everything else”.

Drama T was this 7th grade kid who stood out from the rest. He spoke a lot, he was not shy despite his young age in this big boarding school which could scare anyone hunter (nickname given to newcomers). A week or two after his arrival, he was known to everyone. Even the they are cruel (former) knew Heri (the first name of Drama T).

There was a dance club in high school. And Drama T, of course, was a part of it. He danced with such dexterity that one would have thought to see a little Chris Brown. During school celebrations, on stage, Drama T was like a fish in water: he was in his element. You could tell he had something special. We felt that he was not like the others.

While I sneaked into Sister Philips’ library every afternoon, Drama T found her dance club. We lived in two different worlds: me in the Titins and others Between Dogs and Wolves and the little kid from Muyinga courted the world of American and West African singers. But we shared something: we stood out in this huge high school. They were looking for me, the little one who played it smart, to represent the lower classes during general culture meetings (Génies en Herbe) and Heri, to amuse the Salesian Fathers and the few girls who attended this school during the various events.

A year later, Heri disappeared from radar. I find him five years later.

A Star Is Born

My second meeting with Drama T dates back to 2018. A president of an association that helps the most disadvantaged (mainly children) was looking for personalities from the art world to raise awareness and highlight a campaign he was in preparing. I’m on the list (I was starting my career as a poet-slammer) with a designer-painter, a professional dancer and a certain Drama T.

We had an appointment downtown. Drama T comes late. I still remember asking the painter-draughtsman: ” Who is he ? ». He looked at me disdainfully and replied: It’s Drama T. Don’t you know him? It’s a singer. He is very good. I will send you his songs”. On the way, Drama T speaks to me: “I know you, don’t I? » And I answer him that his face is familiar to me. He then asks me: “You went to Don Bosco high school, didn’t you? “. Et now her face comes back to me. Five years later, I still find myself with the little kid from Muyinga. But this time he has changed. Not in his manners, but in his maturity. He turned to music brilliantly. Coincidentally, along the way, where we were supposed to meet children in precarious situations, one of his songs was played. I believe it was friendzone.

Arrived at home, I ask the painter-draughtsman with whom I was, to send me the songs of Drama T. On my WhatsApp, I had Babe and others. I discovered the immense talent of the young man: voice, style, writing and mastery of rhythm. It is inevitable, Drama T will succeed in conquering Buja Fleva.

The dream/heart breakers

Since 2018, I have not lost sight of Heri. And I followed his evolution with a magnifying glass. Because Drama T represented a part of me: we are two young Burundians who were born outside Bujumbura and who saw this city as the Promised Land. We are of those who grew up hearing a small voice telling them that they had something special. “You have to be in Bujumbura at all costs. Where all our dreams will come true”we said to each other, every night before we went to bed.

Heri, in Bujumbura, found the studios, the public and the patrons there. I found mentors, an audience, people who read me, etc. I must tell you one more thing: when you are ambitious and you live outside the Pearl of Imbo (Bujumbura), your greatest wish is to land in this city which offers opportunities, outlets and which values ​​your gift, talent, ambition.

Unfortunately, Bujumbura and all of Burundi have just disappointed Drama T.

In this interview, he simply let it be known that he could not live in Europe because of the high cost of living, compared to Burundi. Is there any harm in all of this? Of course not. And his tone? Well, only Burundians scrutinize the tone, the rhythm of the words, the onomatopoeia; when someone speaks. Our language is imbued with mysticism: the mere sound Hum can mean many things.

You pushed Drama T to apologize for nothing. At least, to express themselves. By including Drama T in your « dramas », you broke his heart. When I saw that he had shed tears trying to speak, I felt that same pain. This worth being disappointed. This pain of not understanding where someone has come from: from Muyinga to the sequins of Buja, it is not given to everyone.

Drama T is much more deserving of our respect and consideration. At his young age, he already has one of the most watched Burundian songs on YouTube. Even those who think they are great singers in the country have not yet made such numbers (minimal, they may be). Like Mourinho in one of his press conferences, I would say: « Respect, respect, respect ».

Drama T is our favourite. Let’s take care of him. The elders disappointed us, let’s not break the hearts of the next generation. She is the one who will save Buja Fleva and restore hope to this Burundi which fails to shine in the sub-region. At least we hope…

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