You know, don’t be a victim! Open 7 popular tactics of online scammers

The Central Investigation Police opened 7 popular tactics of online scammers. Know that they are not a victim. If you are deceived, what documents do you need to prepare before you go to report the Czechs here?

Today (4 Dec. 64) Facebook page Central Investigation Police Post a warning to the public about various methods. that crooks often use to deceive victims in the online world

By stating the message “Popular scams of online scammers. Know it. Don’t be a victim. Don’t trust. Don’t click on the link. Don’t transfer money. At present, we can’t deny that social media has a huge influence on our daily lives. most crooks therefore relying on various online channels to trick the victim into transferring money or doing various transactions

Central Investigation Police Therefore, I would like to warn people about various methods. that crooks often use to deceive victims in the online world so that everyone will not be a victim

1. Fraudulent online sales but not the actual product or send products that do not meet the agreement or not of quality, by scammers will take pictures of products from the Internet or images from other users who sell real products and then post them for sale in their own channels. to trick customers into believing that the product actually exists and transfer the order but will not deliver or the product is not delivered as agreed

2. Online Loan high interest rates There are many victims Fall in love with and fall victim to online lending gangs. by a group of crooks to pretend that there is a loan service with a cheap interest rate long term installment But when the contract did not receive the loan for the agreed amount In addition, interest has also doubled.

3. Online loans that are not real (Tip Loan) in this case is different from the above case, the gang of scammers will deceive the victim that before receiving the loan Will have to pay service fees, deposits or other processing fees. By allowing the victim to transfer money continuously until the end of the loan is not actually received as claimed.

4. Fraudulent investments Criminals will deceive the victim to invest in various investments such as business investments or investments in Phenomena, etc., through online channels. It will offer a large amount of returns, earning money quickly. At first, it may get real results. When victims become more convinced and invest more will begin to deviate not giving the agreed return

5. Deceiving online gambling Gambling is illegal but scammers are seduced by various means Involve the victim to invest or gamble online which if you have been cheated from online gambling You may not be able to report or prosecute criminals.

6. Romance scams, tricking you into love, tricking you into transferring money Fraudsters will work as a process. They will use their pictures and profiles as foreigners. that looks good Talk to us to build intimacy. Then it will deceive the victim through various methods, such as sending items to them. or deceived into investing, etc., allowing the victim to believe and transfer a large amount of money

7. Fake links hack phone data Criminals will send messages such as you received help, you are the lucky winner. or even pretend to be a link from an agency or bank Have the victim press the link to check the information. but when you click on the link The scammers will hack your phone or bank account. immediately lost money

However, if shopping online and being cheated. report

Documents to be prepared

1. Image of the seller’s profile

2. Posts that advertise products

3. Chat, chat messages during purchase

4. Bank account to which the money was transferred

5. Slip, money transfer, payment for goods

**Documents according to items 1 and 2 should also show the address or URL of the merchant-seller**

Information from the Central Investigation Police.

photo from AFP


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