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“You must be happy in the future” Behind the scenes, those trapped in Zhengzhou subway told their friends about the moments of shock! _Sina News

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Original title: “You must be happy in the future” Behind the scenes, people trapped in Zhengzhou subway told their friends about the moment of shock!

  [环球网报道 记者 王心怡 马紫薇]”You must be happy from now on.” On the evening of July 20, 27-year-old Xiao Wu received such a message that a few minutes ago, her good friend Xiao Li was trapped in the section from Beach Temple to Shakou Road on Zhengzhou Line 5 due to heavy rain. The subway was subsequently lost.

From 18:00 on July 18 to 0:00 on the 21st, Zhengzhou experienced a rare and continuous heavy precipitation weather process. The city experienced heavy rainstorms and extremely heavy rainstorms, and the cumulative average precipitation was 449 mm. Due to the rare and continuous heavy rainfall, the Changzhuang Reservoir, the Guojiazui Reservoir and the Jialu River in Zhengzhou City were in danger, and the Zhengzhou urban area suffered serious waterlogging. Many passengers were trapped in the carriages of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5. There were 12 people unfortunately. Killed.

On the evening of the 20th, Xiao Li, who was trapped in the subway from the beach temple to Shakou Road section of Zhengzhou Line 5, informed his good friend Xiao Wu of the relevant situation in real time on the WeChat.

At 18:01 on the 20th, Xiao Li said on WeChat, “The carriage is a bit flooded, and I am a little scared. We are trapped between Shakou Road and Beach Temple. There are no stations around, so we can’t get out.”

“The water outside the car has exceeded half the height of the car,” Xiao Li sent another message at 18:06, “I was crying, and the commander couldn’t call the ground.”

After a few minutes, the rainwater seeped into the carriage and reached the calf.

“We are retreating forward, (water) has reached the calf,” Xiao Li sent the latest progress, saying that he was following along.

“The subway is tilted!” Before 18:12, Xiao Li sent another message.

Afterwards, the water level in the carriage where Xiao Li was staying was getting higher and higher, and his knees were no longer there. Xiao Li sent two videos and said, “It’s over… the water behind has reached the roof of the car… I may not be able to get out… The water outside is almost reaching my neck, and there is no oxygen.”

Later, after WeChat issued a sentence “You must be happy in the future”, Xiao Li and Xiao Wu broke off.

At 20:34, Xiao Wu posted a help post on Weibo.

“At the time I thought I was dying. I was the only child in the family and I dared not tell my parents. I told her (Xiao Wu) that she is my best friend and I hope she can be happy,” July 21 , Xiao Li choked up in an exclusive interview with the World Wide Web.

Xiao Li said that at about 17:40 on the evening of the 20th, he took Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 by himself. When the train was running between Bintangsi and Shakou Road, the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the tunnel, and then he saw the captain driving from the front of the car. Room ran to the rear control room, trying to start the train, and wanted to return to the beach temple station. “Because the flood ahead has come, or it may be due to the design of the subway, I don’t know what’s wrong, anyway, the car won’t move. When the conductor tried to start the train, the train and the rails made a huge rubbing sound, and electricity was also generated. spark.”

“Because the whole terrain is low on the beach temple and high on Shakou Road. Because of this direction, we have advanced water at the rear of the car,” said Xiao Li. When the conductor found that he could not drive back, he immediately organized people. Going to the front of the car, he opened a door on the front of the car. We walked out from the pedestrian walkway in the tunnel. Without light, we thought we could go out.

However, the flood suddenly became bigger and the water had reached the level of the calf knees and could no longer walk forward. Some people returned to the train midway.

The scene shot by Xiao LiThe scene shot by Xiao Li

“I am 1.75 meters tall. Because the carriage is tilted, I stood on the higher side, and the water depth later reached my chest,” Xiao Li said, because the rear carriage was very heavily flooded and everyone was concentrated in the front carriage. It is very crowded, and the water level is getting higher and higher. Many people are in a state of hypoxia and even have hypothermia. “Everyone around me is panting. Some people have symptoms of hypoxia, convulsions, shaking hands, and sweating.”

“At that time, the water level outside the car had reached or even exceeded the position of the human head. I thought it might not work anymore. I might not be able to get out. I just thought that because she was my best friend, I was very sad. I just hope she can Have a good time,” Xiao Li said, in addition to sending messages to good friends, he also sent messages to his cousin and cousin, hoping that they could take care of their parents. But Xiao Wu who heard the phrase “you must be happy in the future” said that he was in a breakdown at that time, “I had a phone call with Xiao Li before, and she told me not to talk. Listening to her, she said she might not be able to get out. I’m going to give me her password and family’s phone number.”

“I lied to her to say that I contacted the rescue, someone went to rescue, but I didn’t get through at all. The calls of the Zhengzhou urban rescue team are all busy, I want her not to panic.” Xiao Wu said.

At around 21:40, Xiao Li was rescued by fire and other rescue forces.

At 20:56, Xiao Wu updated his information on Weibo, saying, “Xiao Li just called himself! The rescue team is already arranging rescue! People are being rescued one after another! The water is not rising!”

“Later I learned that she was safe, and my heart suddenly dropped,” Xiao Wu said, remembering that the first sentence he said to her at the time was “Are you out?”

The content of Xiao Li's Moments after being rescuedThe content of Xiao Li’s Moments after being rescued

On the afternoon of July 21, Henan Province held a flood control emergency press conference to introduce the latest situation of flood control and rescue. According to incomplete statistics, since the 16th, this round of heavy rainfall has caused 1,240,737 people in 560 towns in 89 counties (cities, districts) across the province to suffer disasters, and 25 people were killed and 7 people lost contact due to extreme rainstorms. According to the relevant provisions of the “National Emergency Plan for Flood Control and Drought Relief”, the General Administration of National Defense has decided to upgrade the emergency response of level III to level II at 3 o’clock on July 21. The Henan Provincial Anti-Fighting Finger raised the flood control emergency response level from Level II to Level I at 3 am on July 21. Upon request and approval from the Central Theater District, 730 PLA ​​commanders and fighters have been deployed. There are 1,159 armed police officers and soldiers, more than 60 vehicles, 6,760 firefighters and 1,383 vehicles, 690 militiamen, 35 assault boats, and 25,784 sets of other types of rescue equipment to participate in the rescue.

(Note: Xiao Li and Xiao Wu in the text are all pseudonyms)

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