You shouldn’t mess up the names Top4 Cancer on the list! Wang Xiaofei S’s great divorce turmoil is not over

You shouldn’t mess up the names Top4 Cancer on the list! Wang Xiaofei S’s great divorce turmoil is not over

After the big S divorced Wang Xiaofei, she remarried her first lover, Gu Junye. After that, this unhappy marriage ended, and the big S also found happiness. Unexpectedly, the weekly magazine drew Wang Xiaofei’s attention to the fact that she has five million living expenses for Big S since her divorce. Wang, who has always been emotional and likes to make a fuss on Weibo when the mood is not loudly, except this time. He vigorously fought back on his Weibo, Netizens said, “Don’t mess with Cancer”, and Wang Xiaofei agreed. In fact, Cancer is of course the constellations that are not easily messed up, and the following three constellations are not fuel-efficient lamps…

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The turmoil of the divorce agreement between Wang Xiaofei and Big S was revealed by the weekly magazine, which caused emotional fluctuations WeChat netizens urged “don’t mess with Cancer”, and Wang Xiaofei took it indirectly.


Emotional dominance


Not easy to mess with index: 4.5 stars


Cancer Representative: Wang Xiaofei

Take Wang Xiaofei as an example, when this Cancer man treats you as a family member, he will treat you like a gem like a treasure. When he was still very affectionate at that time, he made a king mattress specially for the spine Big S, the highest asking price can reach 10 million… and Big S once praised Wang for being willing to peel shrimp shells for her All kinds of care and precision are a model of a warm Cancer man. However, hate must be the opposite of love. Cancers will hate you as much as they love you. If it involves all kinds of pieces and memories that you have experienced in the past, looking back, you feel like you paid too much but it will make Cancer desperate, rip off the mask, and still be stuck with you.


bull temper

stick to it

Not easy to mess with index: 3.5 stars


Taurus representative: Jiang Tao

When most people meet a Taurus for the first time, they are attracted by their calm attitude. They are not in a hurry, and their emotions are stable. They know exactly what they are doing. they want it. After setting a goal, they will persevere in following it and stick to it. it is. Looking at it this way, Taurus is indeed a good man and a good woman, so why not mess with him? That’s right, when you often interfere with Niu Niu’s long-standing plans, ideas and habits, and interfere with their usual way of doing things: be consistent and take your time, the gentle Niu Niu will become a bully immediately, and the temper can. be as bad as it is. It is said that Niu Niu will not lose their temper indiscriminately. If you annoy them, you should reflect on it.


think well

hit back again

Not easy to mess with index: 4 stars


Scorpio Representative: Chen Lei

As expected, the deep and unpredictable Scorpio is on the list. But I still want to say something good to Scorpio, if you don’t provoke Scorpio for no reason and make them angry with you, generally speaking, Scorpio who takes the cold line will not bother to pay attention to you, because you are nothing. to them. However, once you are lucky enough to become an enemy of a Scorpio, they may not take immediate steps to retaliate. They will stalk you thoroughly from your social media, and then find out about you from the people around you, and do a thorough search before they counterattack… Back… From this point of view, wouldn’t it be more practical to be a detective?



never give up

Not easy to mess with index: 4.5 stars


Aries representative: Li Jinglei

Speaking of Aries, do you remember the showbiz battle of the century last Christmas? In the divorce turmoil between Wang Leehom and his ex-wife Li Jinglei, during the entire war, Li Jinglei of Aries has always had the upper hand, winning from start to finish. (The previous paragraph also mentioned that it is not easy to mess with Taurus (Wang Leehom), but in this case, the man was really overthrown by technology, and there is no way to refute him, so he will lose his temper only makes the incident worse…)

Aries has a simple and optimistic personality, and is whimsical. In general, it is better not to provoke troublesome things, and trouble yourself. However, Aries, who has always been direct and impulsive, is irritable, and there is only one way out: a quick fight, rage, and a vow not to let go. However, their tempers come and go quickly, but when they are angry, they will not hesitate to set the chain ship on fire, and forget it when they are angry!

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