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Youku released the list of 2023 movies “Love Full of Nine Roads” and “An Le Biography” and other top dramas are ready to broadcast

On September 21, Youku held the annual promotion meeting “New Start, Win the Future” and released 2023 movie lists, including dramas, variety shows, documentaries, humanities, sports, children, movies and other categories, with a total of over 100 contents of high quality. Major dramas such as “Blood Battle at Songmaoling”, “The Correct Way to Open Life”, “Love Full of Nine Roads”, “The Legend of An Le”, “Long Moon Ember”, “This! There will be variety shows such as the sixth season Hip-hop, “Infinite Beyond Class”, “Meta Stage Project” and “Detective Amnesia” continue to match users.

In the past three years, Youku has adhered to the content proposal “no extravagance for efficiency, no idols for actors, no traffic for value”, and has been working with partners to build a sustainable content ecosystem, and strives to launch high quality content that is well received and popular. This year’s Youku dramas performed well. “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” and “Agarwood as Crumbs” have dominated the list in succession; “The Gate of Rebirth” came first in the popularity of suspense theaters this year. by word of mouth; “Ice Rain and Fire”, which has a high double name, is called the “toughest domestic drama of the summer” by netizens. Lighthouse data shows that in the first half of this year, the market share of new dramas on Youku is as high as 41%, leading the industry. Yunhe’s data shows that a third of the 12 S+ unique online dramas in the first half of this year are on Youku, and Youku drama traffic in the first half of the year increased by 16% month after month; With a solid foundation, Youku achieved positive growth of 6% despite a 10% drop in traffic across the platform.

Next, Youku Drama will continue to adopt the strategy of leading, big drama and unique broadcasting as always. At the same time, it will continue to explore the kinds of innovation and provide high quality products around the five theaters big, namely the Cariad Theatr, the Suspense Theatre, the Urban Theatre, the Hong Kong Theater and the Family Fun Theatre, the Suspense Theatre, the Urban Theatre, the Hong Kong Theater and the Family Fun Theatre.

In terms of realistic themes, “The Waves” is directed by Han Xiaojun, written by Liuliu, and stars Wu Gang and Zhao Lusi. “Minglong Boys” is an inspiring and warm story about a senior high school teacher who teaches students according to their talent and helps students realize their dreams. “Love Full of Nine Roads” is another Beijing-style drama created by the original team of “Love Full of Love Series” It is directed by Liu Jiacheng, written by Wang Zhili, with Han Dongjun and Reyizha stars. It tells the story of living in a hutong under the wave of reform and opening up. The story of the troubles and disadvantages of the life of three generations of small people. “The Right Way to Open Your Life” is directed by Lin Ke, starring Huang Bo, Mei Ting, and Zhu Zhu. It focuses on realistic themes, and presents stories that resonate with the public, such as marriage, workplace, and raising children, by depicting the life experiences of the main characters. .

“The Legend of An Le”, starring Di Lieba and Gong Jun, tells the sad and touching story between Ren Anle, the head of Anle Village in Jinnan, and prince Han Ye. “Long Moon Ember” was adapted from Jinjiang’s super IP “Black Moonlight Hold Steady BE Script”, starring Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu. Once the play was officially announced, it was very compatible with the casting and had an oriental charm. Netizens recognize and expect. What is worth looking forward to is that in the 2023 Youku drama list, there are also two drama adaptations of Guoman, “Youth Song Xing”, called “Light of Guoman”, tells the bloody story of the young knight in enter the arena.. “Under the Alien” is the only Chinese comic on Douban with a score of more than 9 points. The drama version is directed by Xu Hongyu and stars Peng Yuchang, Hou Minghao and others.

In addition, Youku Pet Theater, as the “No. 1 domestic female drama brand”, broadcast more than 10 popular dramas in the first half of the year, including “Acquaintance with Jun Chu”, “Please Call Me Director”, and ” Agarwood is like crumbs.” Youku data shows that the number of users increased by 30% compared to the same period last year, the cumulative viewing time of users increased by 35% compared to the same period last year, and female users born increased in the 1990s also almost 30 % compared to the same period last year. In the future, works such as “Lighter and Princess Dress”, “Secretly Can’t Hide” and “Chi Dao” will continue to “sprinkle sugar”.

As for variety shows, Youku continues to explore and optimize based on demanding innovation. In the first half of this year, the proportion of innovative variety shows accounted for as high as 86%. In the future, Youku Variety Show will reach users from two directions “Kaleidoscope of Joy” and “Polyhedron of Life”, evoking emotional resonance among the general population, and deeply cultivating circle culture.

Youku via “This! It’s Hip-hop” Season 6, “Awesome! The second season of “Dance Club” and other programs will continue to build the “hip-hop universe” At the same time, the program will actor competition “Infinite Beyond Class” will also be launched, “Chaoyang Song Play Center” will continue to be updated throughout the year, and the large-scale immersive reasoning game “Amnesia Detective” will be launched.” and another new variety showing IP.

As for the humanities, 40% of programs rated 9 or higher on Youku Douban have become a golden sign. The sixth season of “The Round Table Party” was launched and scored 9.6 points on Douban, and the first sci-fi talk show “Don’t Answer” also got a good reputation. The platform will continue to pursue the authenticity and ideology of the content, and make humanities a rigid need of the times, and successively launch “Night Journey God”, which follows Xu Zhiyuan’s perspective and unlocks night meditation and poetry ; the main character is “The Traveler” Meng Fei’s “Must Come”; The cultural reality show “Once upon a Time there was a Mountain”, which revolves around Ma Weidu and Fan Deng.

Documentaries are also treasures of Youku. The third season of “My Times and Me” intends to invite Wang Meng, Feng Yuanzheng and other guests to share their life experiences and insights, and paint a picture of the spirit of the new era. The second season of “Jianghu Sou Shi Ji” will take “New Year Food” as the starting point, along the most beautiful highway 318, to search for the meaning of the taste of the New Year, and create “Delicious food and delicious food”. “Little Tail Hurrying” is the first road documentary focused on animal rescue.

In terms of sports, Youku will broadcast the entire season of 2022-23 UEFA Champions League, badminton, snooker, CUBA and other events. During the World Cup, it will also launch a live broadcast program “Dahua World Cup” in conjunction with the event to serve users in different ways.

Alibaba previously released its Q1 financial report for fiscal year 2023, showing that Youku’s average daily paying users increased by 15% year-on-year, and through prudent investment in content and production capabilities, it continued to improve operational efficiency, and achieved a year-on-year reduction in losses for five consecutive quarters.

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