Youku’s “Piaoxue Day to See You” premieres “Piaoxue Family” to warmly share the ice and snow complex-International Online

Youku’s “Piaoxue Day to See You” premieres “Piaoxue Family” to warmly share the ice and snow complex

International Online News: On January 22, the first domestic reality show “I will see you on the snowy day”, co-produced by Youku and Beijing Satellite TV, will premiere. In the first episode, the “Piaoxue Family” composed of Mao Xiaotong, Song Zuer, Xie Nan, Yang Di and Zhu Zhengting, together with Olympic champion Chen Aisen, challenged ice hockey, presenting a warm atmosphere of the Winter Olympics. Since the official announcement, the popularity of the show has remained high, and it has become the focus of the ice and snow sports variety show in 2022.

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In response to the call of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, “See You on Snow Days”, in line with the original mission of inspiring Olympic feelings and popularizing ice and snow sports, let the public feel the beauty of ice and snow sports through the program. In the first episode of the program, whether it is the “Piaoxue Family” full of confidence but the first experience of ice and snow sports, or the tortuous and arduous dream-seeking experience of young ice hockey players, or the immersive fun competition, and the fun around the fireplace. Sitting and sharing the ice and snow complex has made the Olympic feelings and sportsmanship more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, the multi-point touch of the program opening and the scene setting method of overlapping inside and outside the studio have also greatly improved the viewing experience and sense of substitution of the program.

In addition to the wonderful humanistic experience given by the program itself, it is worth noting that “Seeing You on a Snow Day” is another in-depth cooperation between Youku and Beijing Satellite TV following the second season of “Winter Dream”. Winter Olympics variety show. In front of the stage is the “Ice and Snow Adventure”, which is full of Winter Olympics, and behind the scenes is the common concern of Youku and Beijing Satellite TV on the theme of ice and snow. “We and Beijing Satellite TV have been actively preparing for this show since November last year.” Ji Zhongxing, general manager of Youku’s Variety Show Content and R&D Center, revealed that although the participation of ice and snow sports among young users has gradually increased, it is still difficult for ice and snow sports. The understanding of sports is still at a superficial level. Except for the single sport of skiing, I have hardly participated in other sports. Therefore, when doing winter ice and snow themes, especially Olympic-themed projects, what we are most worried about is the threshold for users to appreciate.

The second season of “A Covenant of Winter Dreams” is a sports experience reality show jointly produced by the two parties, which was officially launched on December 3rd. Regarding the two programs on the same row, how should “See You on a Snow Day” be positioned and how to make new ideas? “We discussed with the Beijing Satellite TV team and hoped to make a clear distinction with the second season of “A Covenant of Winter Dreams” and not focus on competitive confrontation, so the name was more literary and called “The Days of Drifting Snow” Come to see you”. As another prime-time variety show broadcast on Saturday on Beijing Satellite TV, we hope it is a story about entering the Winter Olympics, conveying the spirit of the Winter Olympics and the spirit of the Winter Olympics in an entertaining way. Relevant knowledge. In the released pilot film, we can see that whether the ‘Piaoxue Family’ is guessing the images of the Winter Olympics or guessing the Olympic songs, they all bring out the user’s memory of the Olympics and generate memories. In fact, this is more likely to resonate with users. We will also follow this method in the arrangement of subsequent programs, and interpret the Ice and Snow Olympics in a life-like and approachable way.” Ji Zhongxing said.

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At present, media integration is moving from “addition” to “integration”. On the basis of the joint production of programs, Youku and Beijing Satellite TV have also advanced to joint promotion, investment and investment promotion, and promote the vertical and deepening of the linkage between the network and the station. “Although satellite TV and the Internet are not the same in terms of system and culture, after more than half a year of running in, it seems that we have achieved good results.” Ji Zhongxing said bluntly.

It is understood that Youku and Beijing Satellite TV will also carry out in-depth cooperation in the content matrix of Guochao culture, documentary humanities, education and life. In addition, Youku will further strengthen the media integration cooperation with Henan Satellite TV, Tianjin Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and other major TVs, and provide content construction, technological innovation, and model exploration for the integration of radio and television media through publicity, products, technologies, and industrial chain resources. , provide strong support for industrial development.



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