Young 46 found a heartbreaking photo. Boyfriend 18 opens a room with a quarrelsome girl

Young 46 found a heartbreaking photo. Boyfriend 18 opens a room with a quarrelsome girl The police rushed to stop the incident. Found a Thai artificial gun with 2 more bullets

At 3:00 pm on November 1, 2022, Lieutenant Colonel Nataphol Boonsanit, Deputy Superintendent of Muang Phatthalung Police Station Informed of an argument inside the Phatthalung Civic Hotel After being informed, the patrolman and the investigation department took over. travel to check

The view in front of the hotel room Found customers who rent arguing. So he stopped the incident and searched the room, finding a short barrel weapon of Thai craftsmanship with two more rounds of ammunition before detaining Mr. A. (pseudonym) aged 18 and the parties send the staff to learn. Phatthalung City Police Station

From the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that Mr A had brought the woman to stay at the hotel since last night before the incident. At noon, Mr. B (fictitious name), aged 46, to be accessed before finding Mr. who was his own girlfriend took the girl to sleep in the quarrel hotel so Mr B opened the door and entered the room. Slap the man and pull the girl’s hair out of the room. and shouted insults Causing the customers who were renting the hotel to scare away from the hotel At the same moment that Mr. And threats and pointing a gun at Mr. B to return.

Mr Bee said he loves his girlfriend who has been in a relationship and has been together for over a year, regardless of what he buys, motorbikes and cars are available for use. But doing this makes myself unacceptable. Yesterday my boyfriend told him he would go back to sleep with his parents. He doesn’t care When I called in the morning, I didn’t answer. But late in the afternoon, I had a chat and sent a picture of sleeping on the bed with a young woman. make him see and be heartbroken so he went out to find until he was found in the hotel where the incident happened He felt sorry for the love he tried to devote to him. but he returned to be treated this way


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