Young Kanchai “Icon of the Year”

Tell me about the entertainment path that has been muddled until becoming a famous news presenter today?

“I have to say that I have been given many opportunities starting from Channel 3. The first time I played a drama with P Jim-Mayurachat. and plays plays all the time Then turned himself into a host. which was given the opportunity from Channel 3 for the second time as the host of the program “Million stars” withPee Kai-Warayut At that time, I was still as hard as a pestle. But it’s the first opportunity to continue being an MC until I do it. “Muang Thai Variety” Give way to Hia Ho – Surachai Chetchotisak of RS is a live program on Channel 5 withYoung-Sornram At that time, it was the transition from variety shows to news issues. After having an older brotherHeart Suthipong Come in too, I started to learn from P’ Hart. When the show started to turn into a news genre, I started to like it. So I decided to stop acting. and went to consult with Hia Ho to stop playing dramas and would like to have clarity of the list Which I thought was a good thing, so I started to do it since that show until it stopped, I still haven’t returned to play. Still revolving around being an MC.”

“I dare to say that I have done all kinds of programs. In Thailand, it’s unlikely that no one will do MCs of all genres like me. Children’s programs, variety shows, game shows, talk shows, singing, ghost programs for life, they all do until one day I go back to do it. “telltale” It’s Hia Ho’s on Channel 8 again, before that I went to do it. “Tell Ninety” with black ants, we took the platform of “Muang Thai Variety” Let’s do it until the end of “telltale” with both hot news issues The format has been changed to a hard-talk style. which I do alone then after doing “telltale” So I came up with one item. “Hang the stream” I took this program to present to Khun Amporn Maleenont on Channel 3. At that time, Channel 33 was still full, so it was time to do it on Channel 28, and it started to have people following. Some issues were criticized and mixed. At that time, Khun Amporn called me to discuss whether I was interested in becoming an announcer. I was shocked because it was never in my brain directory. because I am an entertainer When I came to do the trending node, people were still addicted to my entertainment pictures. Still not fully convinced that I will be a media, I disappeared for 3 months and came back to think. To be honest, run away first. because not sure But tell the adults that it’s ok I’ll decide and I’ll let you know.”

“Later, Khun Amporn asked if he would do it or not, he said. need to find someone Because at that time, there were many announcers switched and still missing here in the main part. Having been avoiding all this, it suddenly flashed in his head that this was an opportunity. I believe that there are people who want to make a channel 3 announcer during the main news. I think there are millions and if he gets the chance, he will do it without hesitation. But I kept asking myself a lot why we had to hesitate. We like to interview people more. We like to ask questions and be curious. But being an announcer is like telling someone else’s story. I think that I am not good at it so I think for a long time. And it came to me that if I declined this opportunity, I didn’t know if there would be another like this or not. There may be no life at all. So I think it’s okay to do it first. If you can’t, just tell me the reason and quit. So I took the opportunity Then there was another transition, channel 28 was returned, so Khun Amporn called to talk again that he would put the current node on channel 33 and stay after the noon news. I myself finished reading the news and made a stream. From that day until today, it’s been 3 years.”

“I’ve been through a lot in the past. Those who do not believe that we can do it will curse us. At that time, I didn’t know if I could or couldn’t. I have to thank the people who cursed. I took these as the motivation that I had to do and to show that a person who never graduated in journalism and was an entertainer. But if I really put my mind to it, I can get up at 5:30 am. I’ll read the news first to see what’s going on. Leaving the house, arriving at Channel 7, attending a meeting with the news team about what news he will play. Then I’ll call myself to find out what’s going on. I won’t wait for the Stinger reporter to come in. but will take his news as a location that it has news like this But the facts I have to hear from that person. so that I can speak and explain properly So that’s the way I have to work hard. We don’t have any costs that we have to do by ourselves. Always use that method. But today there may be an adjustment to wake up time I woke up at 7am, but I always had to talk to the source myself.”

In addition to the hard talk in “Nothing Trend”, the host of the program “Kai News” is a different person?

“Egg news, I’ve been doing it for a long time. From the start, probably 5 years ago, before the trend again. Egg news is an item that I relax. I met a friend, met a close friend. Asked if one day when we are news anchors and have an idea of ​​stopping entertainment, I used to think that I wanted to fade myself away from entertainment hosts for clarity. But came back to think from another angle that “the MC with 2 SIMs” like me, I don’t have much. The bad thing is that there is no clarity of being a journalist. But there is a good thing that we can switch. and about dissolving guest behavior We will have an advantage over others. When I’ve always been an entertainer, I believe it’s easy for people to reach me. Everything it teaches I might be the one who was given the opportunity and I took the opportunity.”

Are there any rules that prohibit crossing the line for MC roles “Nothing Trend” and “Khai News” ?

“It’s very difficult to answer. I’ve been attached to television for a long time. From that day to today, 20-30 years, television has not changed. He also had his culture of forbidding vulgarity. under the navel These things are still what I hold on to. But if it happens in social media, it’s another thing. Where are my lines? It’s right here The people who will come on the show, I don’t ask for much. One, do not speak rudely to under the navel. Well, if I see someone who doesn’t listen, I will give him some weapon to stop. If you tell me, he won’t stop, so I have to say sorry. Saying like this I think it’s mean! He’ll stop, it’s like yay, yay back.”

“Another thing that bothers me is I understand that people have high expectations of me. Each day, there are at least 300-400 complaints, we try to find the people who are most troubled. People who need to help the most to bring social issues for society to help him. Some people may not understand why the husband and wife have to do. What does it give to society? As for me, I don’t look at it that way. I see that the husband and wife quarreling is part of a social problem. Sometimes the story of people fighting each other like Po Anon and Keng Lai Prang, they bring it out and people scold each other for what they give to society. But I didn’t look at it that way. I think that both of them have a page with millions of followers. Page children will clash. If I put two people on a show and make them shake hands The page will clear. no teeth shot Recently, an uncle threw poop in front of the house. Why did people tell me to take it out? I think if we don’t help to clear it, it’s not over. Police, municipalities, don’t do anything. We cut the power out but the wind doesn’t cause a big problem. Do I have to go to the show when he kills? But society doesn’t look at it that way.”

What do you think the program teaches?

“It really teaches every tape. just that people will choose which corner to consume To say that consuming news, you have to think. I would say that every stream node has a lesson for people to watch. But I didn’t sit and tell you what this story teaches. People have to choose to see for themselves and understand. But I understand people who are expecting me. Why not bring the government and the opposition to talk? I don’t want to do it But some things are difficult to do. The program has the NBTC to control. The channel has a control context. Not that we can do anything. Some things must be left out. It’s too big for me to decide.”

Looks like a unique presenter high self Aren’t you afraid of anti people?

“I’m not afraid, in my own corner. I think that one MC or one program will be a specific program for that person. My character is like this. Let me be Sorayut, I can’t, or I can’t let Yut be me. because we are not the same I am the best not imitating anyone Everyone has their own character. I’m a guano One of the things I made It must have an aura of me as well. because it is a fact But I can understand that there may be people who don’t like why they are like this. I also apologize. I don’t want to change myself I don’t want to fake it like this. I’m the one who stirs the dog’s mouth like this, but I won’t let it go beyond the line.”

Can I ask for the best 5 cases?

“1. It must be a story about a teacher hitting a child at Sarasas School. It is a very delicate matter. It’s something that is in my memory. when i interview I understand the parental context and I have had the opportunity to interview teachers who hit children in the most direct way. I remember asking one question. How did you grow up, how did you grow up? Why did you hit a child like this? Have you ever been hit or abused? he said never I probably don’t have to answer anything. It was wrong in the end. because it is something that should not be done He accepts responsibility and agrees to go to jail. Case 2. It is the first tape of Node. Case of Nong Am, who was killed, cut off the body. His parents came to sing And the killer named “Por”, Am’s family came out with me first. What I remember and was impressed with was that Am’s mother cremated her child’s body and sat on the show and placed her bones in place. So I asked to see it and put it in my hand. This tape, Brother Sorayut watched. I called to consult if this tape is good or not. You said you were doing good but you should be careful not to touch your bones. for his relatives like our teacher We learned something we didn’t know. 3. Po Anon’s tapes and Keng Lai Pong, I like it. Many people feel that it’s social waste. But I look back Even though people will insult me ​​all over the country because I felt that it caused the so-called thugs to end the discord.”

“Tape 4. Recently, Nong Fah was hit by an employer named Kang. Hit until the face is deformed, the organs rot, I have seen the embrace of society. He complained to me about this. because he had previously filed complaints with various agencies and the case did not progress At that time, I called to consult a psychiatrist, prosecutor, police, lawyer first. When he came out, it became a talk of the town. It shows the power of society to help one person, causing various agencies to move. It shows that a human being raises dogs better than humans. I asked my lawyer to look into this case. and go to the doctor who will come and heal him so that his organs can actually be used Called that we started from the beginning and went to the end. 5. Uncle Jarun and Teacher Pricha, the 30 million lottery that I took out together for the first time. The first time was Uncle Jaroon before with lawyer Tum. The next day, Teacher Preecha contacted me that it wasn’t like that. Let’s meet. Once we met, this story became a continuation. It’s a never-ending social trend. Became a character, including Lawyer Tum, Genius, Lawyer Sukit Fah, Nam Tofu, Je Kyo, Je Babbit a lot, and many tapes for years with chaotic lottery “

People want to see Young-Kanchai play one more time, is it possible?

“It’s very difficult. It’s almost impossible. It’s not that I haven’t been contacted. The organizer was lovely to contact. But there really isn’t time. Monday – Friday I have to work, Saturday I have a meeting. Sunday with Mayu Ask if you miss the drama I miss you. I want to play. I believe that people used to play want to come back to play View from P’ Sam Yuranan There is no need to come back and play, still come back, but I really don’t have time.”

How to allocate work and family life? To be successful together?

“I work Monday-Friday. Saturday – Sunday will have time at home I don’t go anywhere Sometimes they take Mayu for a walk. As for Khun May’s wife, he didn’t ask for anything. He is his normal He knows that I work He had work to do. do his drama Different people work differently. Mayu is now growing up to 7 years old. Mayu has not asked for anything from us. He understands. He himself used to make a show. He always knew we were working. No one complains about not going to work. Never. We do our work and another very important thing is to be careful not to take Covid-19 home because we meet a lot of people. I myself, I check for COVID every day.”

How do you feel about people in society who refer to us as “models”?

“I don’t know if I’m a role model or not. If you think so, thank you. But it will be a little shy. I didn’t think I would be here either. I’m not one hundred percent good. It was nothing bad. If you are a role model It must be said that use what you think is good in your life. Bad things, don’t use them. No one is one hundred percent good.”

Many people appreciate that we use our work to help people in society?

“I want to make the most of the opportunity I have given. Because we have had the opportunity, we feel that it should take this opportunity to continue to do the right thing. I am still confident that the current media is not a medium like in the past that can only be a “mediator” but not a “mediator”. I insist that the current media must also be a “mediator” and a “middleman”. In some situations we can make society at peace. otherwise we will have a chance Why is there a sound of the media? We now know that the media is the main force of the people on the other hand in asking for justice. Because some agencies have to use the word hos, do not go into the black look good. or cows disappearing around the stall The people also have the media as part of their dependency. which is the mouthpiece for justice to happen”.


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