‘Young Kanchai’ recommends a yellow Benz star It’s better to just raise your hand to apologize to society. | Thaiger Thai News

‘Young Kanchai’ introduced the yellow Benz star, saying that everyone was wrong. Just raise your hand and apologize to society. admit that carelessness is better

From the news clip of a young man driving a yellow Benz, one of them acted in a swagger. Driving in front of the car and coming down to yell at the other party Order to have the car back out so that the person can drive. until becoming an issue that has been discussed all over the social world Before the netizens follow the history dig and find out that The man was a supporting actor from a popular channel.

Image: Facebook Hia Driving

Latest (December 1) on the show ‘noon on time‘ The news was presented through ‘Channel 3‘with’Young Kanchai Kumnamploy‘ and ‘Muay Arisara Kamthoncharoen‘ take the responsibility of the transaction Along with revealing an interview from the man who came out to tell the story that happened, stating:

As soon as I parked, I’ll go back for him. But it’s not dangerous because the car goes on, he’ll bite my ass. I stopped to see if he would back down. because there is no car behind him Wait a minute, why don’t you back off? I opened the door and walked over to tell him to step back a bit. There was no intention of having any stories. When he opened the door, he saw a woman. He opened the window and said that he was about to step back. In conclusion, no one is right, no one is wrong, no one is right and no one is wrong. which this was caused by a lack of kindness towards each other Let’s put it in the middle

hot yellow benz

Image: YouTube Ch3ThailandNews

After listening to the aforementioned interview, Young Kanchai introduced the man as a senior in the entertainment industry.

As you are in the entertainment industry In this regard, you should not say that the words relied on or were both wrong. I just raised my hand and apologized to his society. because a lot of people insulted me This is honestly speaking. Ask me. Are there people who compliment me? You can go and see. There are some people watching you. In addition to the elder who sees that different people are not considerate, the car goes straight, he raised his hand to pay respects and said that he apologized, it was my fault. That day, I didn’t mean to be careless, I’m only sorry.

hot yellow benz

Image: YouTube Ch3ThailandNews

'Young Kanchai' recommends a yellow Benz star  It's better to just raise your hand and apologize to society. | News by Thaiger


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