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Young Kuchai throws back into a number.

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Became a hot topic ever after Blue or Bell Brother Fei Fei, the best swing ringo Came out to show their displeasure In the event that a famous host Young Kushai with Black Ant Kachapa Talk about a post with a fan uploading a picture at the Dharma Dharma Practice Center, Porn Bodhisattva, Chiang Mai, while under construction Said he saw a serpent, but young Khachai said that he saw a pig’s head, which Fah Fiao saw as a news presentation that did not respect his sister And disparaging other beliefs

Latest (3 Mar) Young Kushai Has responded to the issues that have been referred to by the sky in the news program, put eggs on the Thai Rath TV channel by explaining that “The first story that I said was taken to the program and did not protect it. At that time, he was invited to the telltale show, Im having a problem with his ex, which Im slipped out of his own words. Cheated by an ex-girlfriend whom the ex-boyfriend and his parents refused. He went to inform me of Nui Sujira, who at that time Nui was pregnant. And report the lawsuit against Im. Finally, Nui and I had to go to the National Agency for fingerprints For the reason that Im said that he was cheating, I told Im that it was okay and I will try to talk. After that, I followed my ex-girlfriend Im Met his parents at home I raised my hand to pay homage to everyone. Take my own responsibility In which his parents said that if you dare to apologize Will withdraw and sue me and Nui, but will not withdraw Im because Im that his child every item This matter, Im has to apologize to him in court, it’s over, so don’t talk about this kind of forgiveness, it’s not good.

“Second story That day that I saw that picture And you said that I was laughing at each other. You compare well, I’m not disrespectful. But I saw that one was the pig’s head. It’s my right You’re going to force me to see it as a serpent like you see it. Not me. Respect Kharut. You’ll see that it’s a crow. It’s your story. But if I will respect What is in my heart? You do not come to pull people who respect the dragon to be angry and hate me. I have respected the dragon before you. I have worshiped the black ant before you since you were running. So don’t say something like this. It was an incentive for the serpent to curse me and the black ant. I had respect before, my house had a dragon, but this one I saw as a pig’s head. Actually, why would you curse me? “

“Number three, about the lotteries that you show after the prize has been won. I speak with good hope because Im is my younger brother because I am so clear that The villagers, he rallied. Why did you bring it out later? Say it. Celebrities who showed lotteries on Instagram. Socialize before the lottery results are announced. The risk lies with the stars themselves and the people who follow them and buy them. But when do you remove the lottery after it’s announced? The risk is not on you. The risk lies in the person he follows you. Then he bought your stuff and he didn’t come up cheap. Already lacking How did you go about doing this? So what I said I am not a beautiful world. But I think I speak for society. Do you think? Must come to buy a lottery And if he is not right, who will be responsible Are you responsible Did you pay him back or not? So if you think you are certain, I challenge it in 7 draws. If right, I’ll go up and bow down to pay attention to your serpent. Okay. “

“Finally, what I have to read It is news that I have to read. It’s my context to work. I am in the role of the media. Kalamare came out, I asked directly. Bael, I interviewed directly. Today, I never scolded me. But for you, you don’t have to love me. There’s no need to love me anything. If you don’t understand my context then you don’t have to say that you respect me as a elder. I did not see that you are the younger. We only walk in different directions. Because I am clear I haven’t been digging about you today yet. But if you do this, I can dig. Not difficult Whatever, but it happened, not, I don’t know, just I don’t say, I think I just cleaned up, and don’t put down anything messy like this again. Otherwise it’s not over. “

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