Young man buys ice cream Opened to find a cool gift, the remains of a ‘lizard’ lying dead in the cone.

Young man buys ice cream Opened to find a cool gift, the remains of a ‘lizard’ lying dead in the cone.

On January 17, in the social media of the people of Krabi province, there was a Facebook user named “Praphaphon Khaothong” who took a picture of a famous ice cream brand. came to post with the message “buy ice cream, get free gifts” a carcass of a lizard Lizard froze to death with ice crystals perched on the lizard’s body. Lying dead on the ice cream cone, Ovaltine flavor of the famous ice cream maker company. After seeing the post Reporters went to investigate this matter. by contacting the owner of the post Know that the person who posted the above story is Mr. Sombat Khaothong, 47 years old, villager in Village No. 6, Khao Thong Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District. therefore went to inquire about what happened

Mr. Sombat said that The incident happened on January 16 last. He went out to buy things at a store near his home. When the purchase was complete, there was only a fraction of the money left. So buy famous brands of ice cream. an ice cream cone I will bring it for my 2 granddaughters because my granddaughter likes to eat ice cream very much. Before picking up the item, check carefully that there is a good seal, no leaks or cracks, the condition is normal. When I got home, I brought ice cream to my two grandchildren, the eldest is 7 years old, the youngest is 4 years old. But the eldest grandson’s ice cream When unpacking, they found the remains of the aforementioned lizard. In a frozen state, there are ice crystals on the body.

“At first my granddaughter said it was a worm, but when I looked closer, it was a lizard. So I told my grandson not to eat, to throw it away because he was afraid that he might have diarrhea. Then take a picture and post it. Intent to warn general consumers Always check the food you buy. because they may find something foreign Including wanting to leave to all product manufacturers Check the product before sending it out for sale to the customer. The matter that happened was definitely not related to the store. because he was confident that he had checked well The packaging is leak free that a lizard would get in. I believe that it is more from the production process,” said Mr. Sombat.



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