young man confess Killing the younger generation in the earth Reveal the mantra to spell the soul on YouTube but also come to disturb

After confessing, the young man killed the younger generation and buried the earth. Revealed the mantra to spell the soul on YouTube but also came to disturb Claims that he was angry with the deceased to ask about his ex-wife

(Dec. 5, 2022), the case Thitisak or Thae, 26, was killed and buried in a ditch in the garden for 10 days. The police sent the body for a test. There were traces of being shot twice, head and chest, neck broken, body found on December 3. According to the investigation by the police, Investigation Department 3 and Provincial Investigation Unit, Buriram Province. believing that the criminal would be someone close to the deceased Until a 12-year-old boy took him to point out the hiding place of the gun and shot Mr Cool 2 times in his head and chest.

5 December, 2022, Pol Maj Gen. Rutthaphon Nawarat, Buriram Provincial Police chief, together with police from Nong Sai Police Station, Nang Rong District. Take Mr. Knawin, 37, to make a plan to make a confession. After causing the use of modified firearms Shoot Mr Thitisak or Cool, 26 years old, died on November 23. The body was then buried in the gutter in the garden of Mrs. Boonting, aged 58, before the owner of the garden met on December 3.

The planning started on the day of the accident, Mr Teh brought his own dog in a bag of fertilizer to cut and eat at Nai Ter’s house. ready to sit and drink white liquor as usual Until about 9:00 pm, the band separated, with Mr Peter separating to catch animals. as I used to go regularly

Then Mr. bring it to mark the point where the animal was trapped Is it the point that killed Teh Mr along with saying This point is the point where you can’t stop your temper because Mr Teh is walking behind him and ask until he is angry. Finally, he asks “Where did you put my ex-wife’s bow?”, which means that he stole Mr. Teh’s wife. Where did they break up and hide? so he got angry Using a gun he bought when he went to work in Bangkok, 8,500 baht, which he would carry with him when he went out into the forest, he fired 2 shots until Mr Teh lay still. and in the end he died

Then try tying the deceased to a log to offset the pit next to each other. But the body floated up so changed the plan Walk home and bring the oven to dig the soil in the ditch. and then incorporate it into a disguise neck scars It’s probably caused by him dragging a rope into the ditch Before burial Then perform a ritual to hypnotize the souls of the dead according to the belief I saw on YouTube. The grass near the scene of the accident was tied and tied on top. left arm and left ankle as well, then recite Namo 3 and finish saying the spell then bury the dead body with soil Then place 2 baht coins on the side of the banana plant near the body according to the belief that it would not be born.

After three days, he returned to look at the burial site. thought no one would see but admit that afterwards It seems that there are people who follow themselves all the time. Believe that the spirit hinders what they have done because they have a lot of resentment. In the time that passed, Mr. The deceased often secretly release the animals they trap several times. Finally, he reached the point where he could not stand it and thus caused such an incident.

The police have charged Mr. Knawin. Deliberately murdering others, concealing burials, removing or destroying bodies or parts of bodies to conceal death or the cause of death, possessing firearms and ammunition without permission. Prepare to go to court

Mrs said Limong, 58, the deceased’s mother, said she was glad the police were able to arrest him quickly. But tell that child “He is caught now,” what he wanted to ask Mr. Why do you do it? Because they are from the same house

The Maj Gen. Rutthaphon Nawarat, Buriram Provincial Police commander. After the incident, he said, he ordered the police to investigate Go to the area to find information immediately. After that, when I know the criminal but it cannot be revealed until clear evidence so arrest

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