“Young rider” Ro informs “POT” that he was tricked into borrowing “bank accounts” to receive illegal money transfers.

December 29, 2021 at the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) Mr. Sophon (last name reserved), age 29 years delivery man Rider of a private company travel to meet Police Lieutenant Ratwit Sitthichok, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation), Pol. 2, Pol.was deceived by criminals to borrow bank accounts to receive money

Mr. Sophon revealed that on August 25, 64, at 11:00 a.m., someone transferred 30,000 baht into their account from Bangkok Bank. is a customer who uses the delivery service make their own bank account number Claims that the money his customers transferred. which he told the correct balance and the name of the transferred account before asking them to help withdraw the money to pay for the car parts The amount of ten thousand baht with customers in the new vision area But while traveling, Mr. A (fictitious name) called to cancel. By having to bring all the money to a gas station near Nawamin Soi 77, Nawamin Subdistrict, Chet Bueng Kum, Bangkok, by allowing him to deduct 500 baht for wasted time, then he goes to work as usual.

Subsequently, on August 30, 2021, the Kasikorn Bank account their own has been suspended When asked, the bank stated that Mueang Lamphun Police Station freeze said account So he went to report to the Lad Phrao Police Station before asking for CCTV footage from the Lotus department store. Near the scene where they brought the money to the person who claimed to be the owner of the money. believing that it should beFraudsters use bank accountsto commit an offense

After that, the assailant also called again on September 7, 2021, claiming that another 11,000 baht had been transferred into his account and asked him to pay for the engine oil. The rest is withdrawn or transferred to the culprit. which he had recorded the conversation as well and told them that their bank account was seized by the police If he’s not a criminal, let’s go see the police together. But he gave in and was unable to contact him again.

Mr Sophon continued that he had received a summons from the investigating officer. Mueang Lamphun Police Station to meet to negotiate with the owner of the money who reported and freeze his bank account by calling to meet on January 5, 65, he asked to postpone it to January 3 instead. TCSCfor assistance in detecting people who have scammed their bank accounts. that are used through the Grab application In order to collect all evidence, including voice chatting with the villain. CCTV footage to the investigating officer Mueang Lamphun Police Station continue to prosecute

After the investigators were found, Mr Sophon added that The police have issued a diary for them to show their sincerity that they are not related to or affiliated with.The thief who scammed the bank accountof their own in breaking the law along with suggesting that they go to see the investigating officer Mueang Lamphun Police Station According to the summons, he felt more at ease after expressing his sincerity today that he had nothing to do with the man’s actions. So please warn your friendsRider Let their story be a case study. please be careful Please be careful when accepting outside jobs which will be risky.Was deceived by criminals to use a bank account as a horse account deceive, defraud others, break the law like their own Instead of running and making a living, it has to be a lawsuit and risk going to jail. not worth the risk

Initially, the investigating officer TCSCinterrogate Mr. Sophon who came to show sincerity who owns an account that criminals do illegally and will help verify the relevant information Muang Lamphun Police Station next



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