Young Shock buys grilled pork glutinous rice for only 5 baht, get a little, get some super thin glutinous rice

Shocked young customer Buy grilled pork sticky rice for 5 baht, get a little grilled pork. Plus some super thin sticky rice. Ask “Are you selling and building the Eiffel Tower?”

The online world has shared a video clip from a TikTok user named bestkunkloy, who posted a clip after buying sticky rice with grilled pork from a restaurant for 5 baht.

with the message that “Sell and build the Eiffel Tower? This is true, a pack of 5 baht.”

by the clip revealing a small amount of grilled pork glutinous rice while the glutinous rice in the bag is thin This is expected to be due to higher pig prices. therefore reducing the amount

On the Facebook fan page, consumers have also brought out the story to share and ask for the opinions of netizens.

It states that “A story from a consumer who bought sticky rice with grilled pork to eat and it turned out that the glutinous rice was 5 baht per pack. It was so thin that he even complained that Do you sell kale? #Consumers think that 5 baht per bag of sticky rice can get this much, is it worth it?”



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