Young-sik’s bad hand, ‘I’m solo’ hit by a headwind [TV와치]

Young-sik’s bad hand, ‘I’m solo’ hit by a headwind [TV와치]

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Women’s dark fights, absurd reversal

Although ‘I’m Solo’ is with choices, Young-sik’s presence in the 10th is truly ‘best in history’.

The 10th episode of ENA PLAY and SBS Plus ‘I’m Solo’ (I’m Solo), which is currently airing, was decorated as a special feature for dolls, and became a hot topic on the together with ‘Dol Singles Season 3’, which ended recently with great applause. From people who have been there twice to performers who flew from America to look for love. His excellent appearance and unique history were enough to attract the attention of viewers.

However, when I opened the lid, the thoughtful and serious love that viewers experienced through ‘Doll Singles’ was nowhere to be found, leaving only the lightness reminiscent of pocha hunting. At its center is the male performer Yeong-sik. As a salesman raising a daughter alone, his manners liked him, but he boldly touched the face and hands of the performer Ok-soon, and when Hyun-sook, who became a popular woman, appealed to a man who did not like him, “idiot”, “baby” He became a villain by being degraded by such expressions.

The words Yeong-sik said to Ok-soon and Hyun-sook spread through clip videos, heating up social media and online communities. The problem is that it grows in size with a large fire that will burn all 10 units beyond the role of a fire starter that will increase the popularity of ‘I’m Solo’. It’s unfortunate that Young-sik and the production team don’t seem to hear MC Defconn’s cry, “Do your best. It’s hard to listen to”.

Perhaps thanks to Yeong-sik’s honest and very bare face, the ratings of ‘I’m Solo’, which remained in the 2% range, broke through 3% in the last two weeks. However, there is a limit to the fun of watching while swearing. A real remarried couple is born in the neighborhood next door, opening a new horizon of dating reality, but what kind of competition can ‘I’m Solo’, staying in the old nightclub, have? The situation is that one after another, even the statement to leave the city hall because of the English language. It appears that editing ‘Bad Hand’ required a decision from the production team.

(Photo=ENA CHWARAE, SBS Plus ‘I’m SOLO’)

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