Young Sornram left the party, woke up early, sent Viji to school, single status, ready to flirt.

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19 May 2022 19:24

hero forever Young Sornram Change the role of life in a big way. Stop the heavy party Turned himself to be the outstanding father of the nation until he was nicknamed “Samurai Father and Son” with a warm image. Wake up and dress up your beloved daughter.”Little Viji” go to kindergarten every day Recently, she opened her heart through the program “Toh Noo Mam” on Workpoint Channel with “Noo Mam” Suriwipha, telling a new way of acting as a good father. Ready to update the story of a single heart.. ready to flirt Relentlessly gave the former wife a chance. Kung Ploy Kanittharin met more daughters

Recently, there is a picture of Nong Wichi going to school. How do you plan?

“The plan was to choose a school close to home. and very fortunate to have a school near Prangthip Kindergarten house Pee Nam Phueng Thongjua’s school, Sister Pete Thongjua and Peet’s mother were grandmothers who took care of this school for a long time. and teaching English and it’s close to home as well.”

Ask about Viji, does he have any complaints about your mother?

“No…because we’ve met all the time. Before the start of the semester, I had the opportunity to meet. That is, divide the time to see your mother twice a month and your mother is video calling every day. At any time, if convenient, then talk. and Viji must say this I will learn that this modern world Children learn quickly without me having to explain the matter between me and his mother And I’m not the one who’s going to be enamored. or what to say so that the child does not love his mother I will be responsible for my part, going to school, taking care of any expenses. that I have to deal with.”

Do we still have a party today?

“No, it’s too late. It’s now time for fun. In the past, when we were still teenagers, where are we? But now with a lot of work, it makes us need to take care of ourselves more. We think we can’t be careless. Because if not, what’s going on? Our mothers and our children, who will take care of them? This is the advice that P’ Moss used to give me. We have to take it easy. This is what we’ve been talking about since Viji gave birth. So it makes us gradually change.”

When will you open your heart to love again?

“I haven’t thought of it yet. But it’s not closed. I think I’m not very successful in love. In all past life This time, let’s meet Viiji. I think Viji is my love. that he didn’t break my heart So I felt that I chose to love Viji first at this time.”

In the future, what kind of woman will you open your heart to love again?

“Well…if you meet someone you like, flirt. because we are single Well, we don’t block it, just that at this time, we wake up early and send our children. There is no time to flirt with anyone. Now it’s like waking up at 5 or 7 in the morning and going to school. After finishing school, I go to the filming set. At 3 o’clock I go to pick up my children from school”.

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