“Young-tak’s request for 15 billion won is not false”… Yeong-tak’s side “I don’t understand” Yecheon Brewery’s ‘not guilty’ disposition

▲ Youngtak makgeolli and singer Youngtak manufactured by Yecheon Brewery. Yecheon Brewery

Yecheon Brewery, which had been in a dispute with singer Young-tak over the usage of trademark rights for ‘Young-tak’ makgeolli, was acquitted. Young-tak’s side responded, saying, “I don’t understand it,” and raised an objection.

According to Yecheon Brewery on the 10th, the Gangdong Police Station in Seoul decided to reject the complaint against Yeong-tak’s side against Yecheon Brewery Chairman Baek Gu-young on the 3rd due to insufficient evidence. Dismissal is a case where the police decide that there are no charges after the result of the investigation and close the case without sending it to the prosecution.

Previously, Young Tak gained popularity by singing Kang Jin’s ‘A Cup of Makgeolli’ in TV Chosun’s ‘Mr. Trot’, which ended in March 2020. In April of the same year, Young Tak signed a one-year advertising model contract with Yecheon Brewery for ‘Young Tak Makgeolli’. The conflict between the two sides began when negotiations for a contract renewal broke down.

Yecheon Brewery complained that as the contract ended in June of last year, malicious comments and boycotts continued centered on Young Tak fans, hurting sales. “Young-tak’s side demanded 15 billion won for contribution to the company’s growth and trademark rights, and Young-tak’s mother told him to bury a pig’s head and pass the exam. We offered 700 million won, but it was ultimately unsuccessful.”

Young-tak’s side immediately refuted that Yecheon Brewery’s allegations were false, and in September of the same year, filed a criminal complaint against Chairman Baek and others for defamation by spreading false information and attempted blackmail.

Afterwards, the police directly investigated the defendant, Chairman Baek, and other company officials, including Young-tak and Young-tak’s mother, and decided not to appeal.

An official from Yecheon Brewery said, “During the police investigation process, we submitted related data to support Yeong Tak’s mother’s request for 15 billion won, and it turned out to be true after explaining that this claim was not false. It is comforting to think that he has recovered even a little. Yecheon Brewery will continue to strive for the best quality and taste to open a new horizon in the traditional liquor industry.”

Regarding this result, Young Tak’s agency, Milagro, said, “We cannot understand both the legal and factual judgments about the fact that Yecheon Brewery’s side made a serious mistake, but it is not acceptable. We plan to correct the wrong decision through the application.”

He continued, “It is stated that Yecheon Brewery’s intimidation or attempted coercion is acceptable, but there seems to have been a disagreement over the suitability of the attempted blackmail, which is the charge of accusation.” This suggests that there was clearly an intimidation or attempted coercion on the part of the brewery. We will protect the artist and his family and restore their honor by uncovering the truth of Yecheon Brewery’s malicious and illegal actions to the end.”

Reporter Minji Kim


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