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young technician student Jumped from Pu Chao BTS station, 3rd floor, tragic.

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At 19:00 on October 17, 2021, Pol Lt. Col. Pongsakorn Inkong, Deputy Inspector of Investigation Samrong Nuea Police Station, Samut Prakan has been notified of a man jumping from the 3rd floor of Pu Chao BTS Station on Sukhumvit Road, Samrong Nuea Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province. He crashed down to the ground below and died. After being notified, he was accompanied by the investigative team and the Ruam Khon Samut Prakan Foundation. travel to check

The scene was on the footpath beside a bus stop. Under the train station, the body was found. Krishna, 22, lay on his back and died in a broken left arm, left leg and neck. Searches in a bridge bag that the deceased was carrying was found. Student ID card, vocational level 1, electrical engineering branch Therefore kept as evidence before handing the body to the Foundation for autopsy at the forensic institute

At the same time, the investigative team went up to check CCTV footage of Pu Chao BTS Station. It was found that the deceased had been walking around on the 3rd floor of the BTS station where the accident occurred from 5 p.m. until more than an hour had passed. The deceased climbed the fence blocking the walkway outside before jumping down. Hit the floor, the footpath died.

Mr. Sakon Saibua, a taxi rider at the entrance of an alley near the scene of the accident, said that before the accident, while he was waiting for customers, he heard a thud. It was as if an object had fallen from a height and hit the ground below. Bus stop area under Pu Chao BTS Station So he turned to see the body of the deceased lying on the floor on the footpath. In a state of rich breathing poured for a long time. before breathing stops So he hurriedly called the police to ask for help.

Initially, officials expected The deceased was likely to be stressed. with personal matters can’t find a way out So he walked in circles on the 3rd floor of the Pu Chao BTS station where the accident occurred for more than an hour before deciding to jump down and kill himself. However, the relatives of the deceased will be contacted for a more detailed investigation for further legal action.


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