Young Thai riders win silver medals at the Asian Road Championships on two wheels.

Young Thai riders win silver medals at the Asian Road Championships on two wheels.

The young riders of the Thai national team made an excellent appearance, winning the silver medal. In the 2023 Asian Road Cycling Championship at Dok Krai Reservoir, Rayong Province, the public version has performed satisfactorily. Although they are ranked 4th, the top 3 teams “Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan-China” are the leading teams of Asia in “Dr. Satit Pitutecha”, Deputy Minister of Public Health. I am confident that this competition will be perfect. As well as helping to promote tourism and stimulate the economy of Rayong Province, while “Mr. Ongar Singh”, the general secretary of the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), admired the Cycling Association. Excellent competition And it’s a great competition with a record number of athletes participating in the competition, more than 700 people from 28 countries, and the Thaicycling Association’s live broadcast has more than 30,000 views from all over Asia .

The 2023 Asian Road Cycling Championships, the 42nd People’s Edition, the 29th Youth Edition, and the 11th Handicap Cycling from June 7-13, using the route around Dok Krai Reservoir, Pluak Daeng District and the intra-Province route Rayong. For the competition on June 7, there was an official opening ceremony. who was honored by Dr. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health He presided over the ceremony, along with Mr. Ongar Singh, Secretary General of the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC), General Deja Hemkrasri, President of the ASEAN Cycling Confederation (ACF) and president of the Bicycle Sports of Thailand association Under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King, Mr Pirun Hemaraks, Deputy State Governor Rayong present at the ceremony.

In addition, he was honored by Mr. Kitti Kiatmontri, Deputy President of the Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Chukiat Singsung, President of the Thai Disabled Sports Association, General Suwit Mahasaksunthorn Vice President of the Thai Disabled Cycling Sports Association, Pol Maj Gen Pongphan Wongmaneethet, Rayong Provincial Police Commander and heads of government agencies also participated in the ceremony Broadcast live on Facebook Live Thaicycling Association with more than 30,000 views from Thai and foreign audiences.

Dr said. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health, that Rayong Province is very proud and proud to host the Asian Road Cycling Championships. which is a very important item Points are collected to go to the 2024 Olympic Games in France. In the past, Rayong Province has been preparing for a long time. both in terms of the race route and the cooperation of the brothers and sisters of the people, related agencies On behalf of the people of Rayong Province Thank you to all sectors for choosing our province to host this competition. The benefit that Rayong will get is to promote tourism. because the race route passes through beautiful tourist attractions It also stimulates the economy to be vibrant. He is confident that this competition will meet the standards, perfection and expected results in every way.

On the side of Mr. Ongar Singh, secretary general of the ACC, said that the Asian Road Cycling Championships hosted by Thailand this time It’s a big race. A record number of athletes participated in the competition, more than 700 people from 28 countries due to collection points and selection of athletes for the 2024 Olympic Games. who manages the competition perfectly We are ready in all aspects Thank you Dr . Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health. Thanks to General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Sports Association. which performs everything perfectly Thanks to everyone who took part. And best of luck to all the athletes taking part in the competition.

For the first day of competition, there were 2 gold medals from the time trial mixed relay team program. The people’s edition, male-female and male and female youth models Each team has 6 athletes, divided into 3 male athletes and 3. The 3 male athletes will be released first after completing the specified distance and then the other 3 female athletes will continue to spin the team with good times which will eventually win the championship

The results showed that In the public version, male and female, cycling 2 laps, a distance of 30 km each, a total of 60 km, the Kazakhstan cyclist team with 3 male athletes Yevgeny Fedorov, Dmitry Gruzdev, Igor Chan and 3 female athletes Makhhabbat Umutsanova, Rinata Sal Tanova, Marina Kuzmina made the best time to win the gold medal with a time of 1:13.27 hours, the silver medal of the Uzbekistan national team for 1.15.05 hours, and the bronze medal of the Chinese national team for hours, while that the Thai national team Which has athletes that include Sarawut Sirironchai, Bank Chaiyasombat, Peerapol Chao Xiangkwang, Petchdarin Somrat, Chaniporn Batriya, Kamolrada Khaoplod, placed 4th at 1.16.58 hours

Youth male and female models, 2 laps, a distance of 15 km each, a total of 30 km. It seems that the gold medal goes to the Kazakhstan national team. with 3 male athletes Batirkhan Elik, Mansur Besembay, Mikhail Podluzhny, 3 female athletes Victoriya Marchuk, Ye Katerina Yudovicina, Yevgeniya Saam with a time of 42.22 minutes, while the silver medal belongs to the Thai national team. with athletes including Nanthakorn Nontakaew, Tinphat Muangdet, Aphisit Suphan, Chin Rungchotiwatana, Natcha Songken, Pittayaphon Sae Tan in 42.33 minutes, and General Decha Hemkrasri cycled, the president of the sports association gave the cash prize to the Thai youth team in the amount of 30,000 baht as morale and encouragement While the bronze medal is the national team of Uzbekistan at 42.45 minutes.

After the match, “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, the head coach of the Thai national team, said that the competition in the people’s edition had 7 Asian championship teams participating in the competition, where the Thai team was 4th, which was considered well right because the top 3 are the best teams in Asia, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China, while the Thai team is also number 1 in ASEAN while the youth version I would like to congratulate all the young people who successfully won the silver medal. We lost to Kazakhstan by just 11 seconds. But in the first round, our young male riders were 1st, 9 seconds behind their competitors, which was beyond expectations. Because before the race we aim to get 3rd place, it’s good, but we got the silver medal and we almost got the gold medal. Now every athlete is perfect. in the individual time trial list Young riders from Thailand can compete with all teams, and there is certainly a chance to be one of the top 3.

“Coach Tam” said that this Thai national youth cyclist did an excellent job in the Thailand Cycling Championship. in the Cycle Sports Association Hold 5 field competitions a year, many of them only 17 years old, still able to compete in the youth version for 1 more year before moving up to the under 23 age group. in the population of men and women citizens 1st and 2nd place athletes will automatically qualify for the French Olympic Games 2024. The latest to check the accumulated points ranking of the first 45 countries that will go to the Olympic Games. There are riders from Japan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia who have already received the right. If the athletes of these 3 countries are in position 1-3, they will move to those in position 4-5 instead, and it is we must do our best. and must not be careless The encouragement of Thai brothers and sisters must be asked to help encourage Thai cyclists to win the Olympic Games quota.

About the competition program on June 8, winning 10 gold medals from Time Trial people. Male youth version, distance 30 kilometers, individual time trial Female youth model, distance 15 kilometers, individual time trial, senior model, 8 gold medals, including challenge category Senior male 30-34 years, senior 35-39 years male, senior 40 -44 years old male, older 45-49 years old male, older 50-54 years old male, older 55- Male 59 years old, older 60 years and older, older men 35 years old and older, a distance of 15 kilometers within Dok Krai Reservoir . Start in front of the Hall of Honor and return to the finish line in the same place


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