Home News Young women at risk of COVID The post claims the doctor did not make the wound. Peak Truth Drunk and slapped each other in front of the hospital (clip)

Young women at risk of COVID The post claims the doctor did not make the wound. Peak Truth Drunk and slapped each other in front of the hospital (clip)

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Young women at risk of COVID The post claims the doctor did not make the wound. Peak Truth In detention but drunk Let’s continue to hit in front of the hospital.

Teenage girls posted clips of themselves and friends. While going to hospital for treatment at Nakhon Phing Hospital in the middle of the night Which in the picture of himself and many female friends are making a loud noise And continued fighting with friends in front of the hospital at the screening point In the photo, there are personnel wearing PPE clothing to protect themselves in the screening area.

The video owner also posted a blame on the staff at the screening point. I got a glass cut, a very wide wound. Understand that doctors are tired because during this time the COVID outbreak in Chiang Mai Please begged me to help you wound my sister, but the doctor refused to heal.

After that, the clip was quickly shared. Until today (May 4, 64) at about 10:00 am, there is a Facebook user who is a medical professional. Shared the clip Along with the post that says

“# Vechakit would like to tell you In this case last night, we were at the screening point ourselves. This group of youngsters came with the issue of having a wound on the wrist. At first, my friend called 1669 and asked for a car to pick me up. We therefore need to emphasize a little bit more intense history of the COVID risk to prevent children. Team to be issued

It can be said that the group reported that they had friends with COVID, and the younger siblings were at risk and in quarantine. But on the day of the accident, this group of youngsters bought alcohol to eat and there arose a quarrel in the group. The center therefore asks the younger brother to wait to ask to coordinate the team first.
But after a while, this group rode 2 motorcycles, 6 of them, the black shirt guy, had a wound on his arm. Came without a mask and came in a very drunken state. So we went in and inquired. According to the function of the screening point below, but the black shirts do not cooperate. We have said that you calm yourself down first, if you are angry and don’t wear masks like this, you can’t go up and check. Because it is a risk

We speak in a logical manner. The black shirt did not listen very loudly, no one listened to anyone until the group had an argument with each other and beat each other in front of us. It is advisable to bring a friend to sit and calm down first if it gets better. Then go check We never thought that Refuse the patient at all But what he took to post is really the opposite. # Extremely discouraged. “

From the inquiry, it was found that the owner of the post is Ms. Orathai Sanjai Peng Public Health Officer, Nakhon Phing Hospital Perform duties at an emergency screening point. Disclosed information to reporters by phone that The clip is a continuation of the poster, a young woman in the group who actually came to the screening point last night.

Previously, officials were informed by the 1669 hotline from the women that the injured person was wounded by a sharp object, requiring the medical unit to be picked up. But according to the measure, preliminary history taking is required. And found that the children The group is in a high-risk group, close contact with four previously infected COVID patients, and the siblings were in a 14-day quarantine period, so the medical team had to plan to pick up inpatients. At risk level Protective clothing must be prepared. And equipment, as well as organizing a medical team to the level that accepts COVID-risk patients Including how to advise the patient himself how to prepare Wear a dress or get ready for what kind of medical team will pick up. Makes it take time But not yet to go to pick up, found that this group of children were riding a motorcycle, bringing the patients to each other Some people do not wear a mask as well. And come together with symptoms of intoxication They also had arguments and argued at the hospital.

The authorities themselves begged to be calm, but it is still like in the clip. There was a loud noise. And scolded the staff for refusing treatment Take a picture clip to post a complaint about the staff’s work despite their violation of the measure and failing to follow the instructions of the screening staff. In the end, the officers had to coordinate with the Mae Rim Police Station to help control the incident. But before the police arrived, this group of children had been taken out of the hospital first.

Today, when you see a clip that has been shared, it is an allegation of the authorities alone. Therefore posted to clarify the fact that it happened But did not understand why this matter was posted and blamed the authorities Which the staff have to work hard And intensive measures to prevent COVID have to be followed, making many people feel discouraged working in the situation. Who are not responsible for society like this


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