Young-woong Lim, reminiscing about the past… “Jangsado of roasted sweet potatoes for a living”

[이데일리 김민정 기자] The image of trust singer Young-woong Lim reminiscing about the unknown days was drawn.

(Photo = TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot – Birth of Heroes’)

In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Miss Trot – Birth of Heroes’, which was aired on the 29th, I looked back at the 3rd stage of ‘Mr. Trot’.

Trot’s ‘Mr. Trot’ Choi Jong-jin (眞) Young-woong Lim’s ‘Bulberry Bun’ (Lim Young-woong, Hwang Yun-seong, Kang Tae-gwan, Ryu Ji-gwang) visited Young-woong Lim’s room at the time and saw the room that Lim Young-woong himself decorated.

Lim Young-woong said, “I always set the boiler to the same temperature. When the boiler goes out, it doesn’t come on well.” “At first, the boiler broke down, so the floor was full of cold air. He said that he lived two years.

(Photo = TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot – Birth of Heroes’)

Then, he said, “I thought I would make money when I debuted, but I can’t make money,” he said.

As a result, the bunch of mulberry also strengthened their will by confessing to the unknown days that were hurting them.

Since then, Lim Young-woong’s ‘The Story of an Old Couple in Their 60s’ was evaluated as a perfect stage from singing skills to gradual adjustment. Thanks to Lim Young-woong’s performance, the mulberry bundle took first place in the final and advanced to the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun’s ‘Mr. Trot – The Birth of Heroes’ is a program to look back on before the airing of ‘Mr. Trot’ season 2.

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