Young-woong Lim’s solo show returns with a ‘special’ version…”Era of Heroes, take out the light stick!”

On the 26th, singer Lim Young-woong’s solo show ‘We’re HERO Lim Young-woong’ / Photo = Lim Young-woong’s Instagram

[내외경제TV] Reporter Seok Su-jeong = There is good news for fans who couldn’t watch the year-end special ‘We’re HERO Lim Young-woong’.

On the 30th at 10:40 pm, KBS2 2021 KBS year-end special ‘We’re HERO Lim Young-woong’ will be broadcast. Even a special version.

On the 26th, KBS did not provide a VOD replay service for ‘We’re HERO Lim Young-woong’, saying ‘to impress the scene’.

However, through this special broadcast, fans can once more feel the heat and emotion of the scene.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy the stages of ‘People are more beautiful than flowers’ and ‘My heart is like a star’, which were not revealed in this broadcast.

Immediately after the special broadcast ends, the behind-the-scenes video of ‘We’re HERO Lim Young-woong’ will be released through ‘Young-woong Lim’s official YouTube channel’.

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong is currently preparing for a full-length album.

The tentative title ‘I love you’, presented in ‘We’re HERO Lim Young-woong’, will be included in the new regular album scheduled to be released next year.



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