Youngest KBO record… ‘Great pitcher’ KIA Hyun-jong Yang, 150 wins

Hyunjong Yang of KIA, a professional baseball player, has achieved 150 victories in his career. It is the fourth and youngest record in KBO history.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.

Yang Hyun-jong allowed Lotte Lee Dae-ho a large two-run four that went over the left fence in the first inning and started off uneasy.

But, it didn’t shake anymore.

He regained his rhythm by cooking Lotte batters with aggressive pitching, and his teammates also supported Ace’s counter-throw with Hobi.

Yang Hyun-jong, who endured without allowing additional runs until 2 outs in the 8th, led the team to 3 consecutive wins and won his 3rd win of the season, and achieved the 4th and youngest 150 wins in KBO history.

[양현종/KIA 투수 : 우선 이강철 감독님 기록(152승)을 목표로 잡고, 그 다음에는 정민철 단장님의 기록(161승)을 잡고, 그 후로는 (역대 최다 210승) 그 기록까지 한 번 넘어볼 수 있도록 최선을 다 하겠습니다.]

SSG, who had a pleasant victory the day before (18th), defeated Doosan for two days in a row with the power of the other line.

3 hits and 2 walks in the 4th behind 3-2 led to 4 runs and turned the game upside down, and Kron, a foreign batter in the 9th, fired a 140m tall solo cannon and put the wedge in the game.

Samsung, which drew the finish line with a fierce fight against the opponent in the 10th inning, beat Hanwha to 3rd place.

Samsung’s Oh Seung-hwan earned his 11th save of the season and climbed to the unheard-of KBO record of 350 saves.

Kiwoom, who led starter Woo-jin Ahn’s 6 innings scoreless pitch, defeated NC 3-1, and LG, with 6 hits and 6 RBIs, Eun-seong Chae and Oh Ji-hwan’s performances, beat KT.

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