Your favorite Netflix shows are more likely to be canceled after 2 or 3 seasons than those on traditional television.


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  • Video services are more likely to cancel TV shows after two or three seasons compared to cable and broadcasting networks, according to Tuesday's Ampere Analysis report.
  • Netflix represents more than half of the video on-demand cancellations, and 12 of its 13 shows were canceled since September for a series with three seasons or less.
  • Deadline reported last month that Netflix prefers to have the last 30 last. Afterwards, they can be too expensive and harder for a new audience to jump in.

Shortly many Netflix shows live. With the exception of two of its earliest series, such as "House of Cards" and "Orange The Black Black," Netflix tends to cancel shows after two or three seasons.

Ampere Analysis tracked 61 TV shows canceled between September 2018 and March in traditional streaming and television. The report, issued on Tuesday, found that streaming services were likely to cancel a show soon. The original streaming rows have an average lifespan of two seasons, compared to four seasons on cable seasons and six and a half sets on broadcasting networks.

Netflix accounts for 68% of video cancellations on demand, and 12 of its 13 shows were canceled from September with a three or less season series, according to Ampere.

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"VoD services seem to be determined to drive subscriber growth through a new pipeline of new material, but this comes at the cost of missing long-term franchises such as tLaw & Order & # 39; Keeping customers coming back year after year, reducing curfews, ”Amita's analyst Fred Black said in the report.

It is worth noting that Netflix shows are directed directly to the series, while the streamer goes into full league seasons at the same time. For traditional television networks, a pilot is usually ordered first, and many shows do not even do it over the pilot phase.

Recent Netflix cancellations include "One Day at a Time" and its Marvel TV shows, such as "Daredevil" and "The Punisher." Last month, Netflix canceled the "One Day at Time" after three seasons, saying "many people have not seen the protection of another season." He added his other Marvel shows, "The Punisher" and "Jessica Jones," canceled in February.

Deadline reported last month that Netflix does not see much value in long-term shows, and prefers those that run 10 season episodes and 30 episodes in total. Afterwards, they are often too expensive to continue investing, unless they have realized that Netflix is ​​owned by “Stranger Things.” And the shorter the season, the easier it is for audiences new jumped into a first show.

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