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Old game consoles may look like chunks of plastic, but some devices have amazing resale value.

eBay sellers are making real money for their old gaming consoles – and you can do that too by listing some of these tech fossils.

Atari Pong Home Game Console


“Games have to be almost playable on their own so people know what’s going on,” Atari co-founder and video game creator Nolan Bushnell once said. “So this is how ‘Pong’ was formed。”

In 1975, Pong was one of the first games to evolve from its big, boxy arcade form to a home console—it was so simple that even monkeys could play Pong.

Don’t bet the farm on your Pong profits – a used but fully functional 1976 Pong console is on the eBay marketplace for $99.99.

Jazzy Nintendo 64 game console

Ice Blue Nintendo 64 is part of the


The translucent Nintendo 64s from the Funtastic collection sell for over $700 in perfect condition


The introduction of the Nintendo 64 was a turning point in the gaming industry – the console introduced 3D graphics and four-player gaming capabilities for the first time.

Over the years, Nintendo has released regional and limited-edition consoles in funky colors and emblazoned with 1990s cultural icons like Pikachu.

The rarest will fetch well over six figures on eBay — but a standard black N64 system is worth about $50.

golden game boy

Of those 25,000 Zelda Game Boys, 6 got a 24k gold plated Game Boy ticket


In 2004, the 24k gold Game Boy was released in a contest with only six winners out of 25,000 candidates – the gold-dipped handheld has been kept under wraps in the years since, with some suspecting the device does it exist.

The seventh gold console was made for a Zelda trivia giveaway hosted by GamesTM, but the winner never made their score public.

If you have one, you can basically set your own price since one has never been proven or sold in public.

original xbox

Post-Xbox games won't be the same -- and they never were, this promotional poster predicts


Bill Gates and Microsoft unveil Dwayne Johnson at the 2001 Xbox product launch


An Xbox is a device where the condition of the product is a major factor in pricing.

A factory-sealed original Xbox sells for more than $7,000 on eBay — to lure potential buyers, sellers point out that the console is stored in a “smoke-free, pet-free home.”

Meanwhile, a complete Xbox system is under $150 — a good deal for buyers for a battered but functional Xbox with two controllers and 36 games for $230 ‘s transaction.

The Beatles Rock Band for Xbox 360

Rock Band and its predecessor Guitar Hero go beyond traditional joystick-to-console gaming setups


Beatles purists, look no further!

The Beatles-inspired limited-edition rock band for 2009 includes a controller modeled after Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass and a drum kit with the iconic Beatles branding.

Sellers of unopened kits are asking for up to $700 for their items — but a single piece in a used kit can still sell for upwards of $100.

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Xbox President Phil Spencer says the Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s fastest-selling console ever — and at the same time, the Playstation 5 is pulling off shelves faster than Sony can make them.

eBay sellers can tap into this hungry consumer market by keeping their hardware in good condition and detaching from it at the right time.

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