Your one and only chance, West Virginia Our Readers Speak

I am not a West Virginian. However, over the last two years I have made several good friends who are. I have witnessed generational abject poverty first hand. I helped one family arrive at the opportunity to end their plight.

I have seen that your occupational choices out of high school are coal miner, drug dealer or joining the military. Your young people have been leaving in droves for years for a better life in other states.

The reason West Virginia is in such a sorry state is clearly that you, and your politicians, have been owned by "Big Coal" for well over 100 years. Even your Governor owns mines. He has been sued on multiple issues in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Your coal miners have been outright lied to. Coal has been in decline since the 70s. Whether anyone is pro- or anti-coal means nothing. Wind and solar power now cost less than is does to maintain a coal-fired plant. Your jobs are not coming back.

Now that it is legal, hemp is exploding nationwide. Most versatile plant on the planet. You can do everything from eat it to make cars out of it. Just read West Virginia news article about Kentucky jumping way ahead of you. It figures. Your Legislature just gave tax breaks to coal and gas.

How many of you know that even if you have never ingested cannabis, you have it in your body? Humans have an Endocannabinoid System. Your body makes its own cannabis. Cannabis is meant to be in the human body. It is an existential threat to "Big Pharma." That is the reason it is illegal. Fastest growing medical cannabis population is seniors abandoning opioids. I am one of them.

In the last five years, Colorado has averaged $ 181 million in taxes and fees. Not only does that pay for a lot of good stuff for Coloradans it also creates a boatload of good paying jobs.

Either jump ahead or be left behind as West Virginia always is. Good people of West Virginia, the choice is yours.

Bob Gorman

Pembroke Pines, FL


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