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“You’re going too far”… Jong-guk Kim, angered by the allegations of Lloyd, warns of ‘legal action’ with lawyer Kim & Chang

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Kim Jong-kook foreshadowed legal action against YouTuber Greg Dussett, who raised suspicions about him as a loider (a person who used drugs to build muscle). /Photo = Kim Jong-kook’s YouTube channel capture

Kim Jong-kook has announced legal action against Greg Dussett, a Canadian sports YouTuber who has repeatedly raised allegations of drug use against him.

On the 18th, Kim Jong-kook uploaded a video titled ‘The law takes precedence over fists’ on his YouTube channel “Jim Jong-guk” on the 18th. Kim Jong-kook appeared with a lawyer and gave himself a ‘Loider’ (muscle using drugs). (the person who raised the .) foreshadowed legal action against Greg Dussett

Greg Dussett, a Canadian bodybuilder and YouTuber with 1.28 million subscribers, raised suspicions of drug use by Kim Jong-kook on his YouTube channel on the 31st of last month. He claimed that Kim Jong-kook must have taken drugs in the process of building muscle.

In response to Greg Dussett’s continued suspicions, Kim Jong-guk said, “Now I think it’s too far-fetched. Kim Jong-guk introduced Kim & Chang’s lawyer, Min-cheol Park, and informed him that he was receiving legal help in dealing with defamation and malicious comments.

Then, Kim Jong-kook said to Greg Dussett, “At least as a man and as a man, I’m going to give him a chance to apologize and make his own decisions.”

Lawyer Park explained, “In the case of defamation, the punishment differs depending on the factual and false information.” “If false facts are stated, it becomes a bigger problem. It includes defamation and insult.”

Currently, there are no videos related to Kim Jong Kook on Greg Dusset’s YouTube channel.

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