You’re not wearing anything inside? One photo posted by Jeon Hyosung, netizens turned it upside down (pictorial)

Hyosung Jeon showed off her provocative charm.

Hyosung Jeon’s Instagram

On the 20th, Hyosung Jeon posted several photos along with the words “Chungcheong” through her social networking service (SNS) account.

In the published photo, Hyosung Jeon wore a jean jacket and jeans, wearing a so-called ‘blue-blue’ fashion. Hyosung Jun is not wearing a top but wearing only a blue jacket, biting candy and posing provocatively, drawing more attention.

YouTube, ‘M2’

YouTube, ‘Mnet K-POP’
YouTube, ‘SWAGGER Men’s Wax Swagger’

Hyosung Jeon, who debuted as the leader and eldest sister of the girl group Secret in 2005, has been driving Secret’s popularity since then, starting a solo career in 2014 and releasing ‘Good-night Kiss’, showing the stage of ‘Legend’, which achieved 1 million views. enjoyed its heyday.

Meanwhile, Hyosung Jeon is also famous as a ‘concept celebrity’ with high patriotism.

On March 1, celebrating the March Day, Hyosung Jeon posted a long post on her Instagram along with an advertisement photo posted on Times Square.

Here is Lakai Korea
Here is Lakai Korea

Hyosung Jeon said, “To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the March 31st in 2021, I will be with you in an outdoor advertisement in Times Square, New York, USA, held by Lakai Korea.”

He said, “It was an honor to be part of a meaningful project that was carried out to promote our history and culture, hanbok, to the world.” He continued, “I will be more grateful for the present day by day and will not forget the countless sacrifices made that day.”

Netizens cheered for this.



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