‘You’re so good’ Gangnam-gil “Myocardial infarction, stomach collapse… I thought I wouldn’t live to be 60”

The Gangnam-gil actor is appearing on a variety show for the first time in 23 years.

Kangnam-gil appears as a guest on MBN’s ‘You’re So Good’, which airs on the 30th, and shares his feelings about appearing on a variety show for the first time in 23 years and memories related with MCs Yang Hee-eun, Lee Seong-mi, and Park Mi-haul.

On this day, Gangnam-gil raised everyone’s curiosity by saying, “Suddenly I had a big problem and went to England, but if it wasn’t for Lee Seong-mi, it would have been a very big deal.” Lee Seong-mi, who heard this, said, “I got a call from my brother at the airport. I was going to the US, but I must have heard people’s gossip about the bad news. So, they said that going to the United States would have an effect on their children, so I recommended England.”

Then, when Gangnam-gil admitted her loneliness in a foreign country, Lee Seong-mi, who had lived in Canada, said, “(In another country) children are young and adapt quickly, so they penetrate like wet paper, but adults are like oily paper. Living in Canada, kids are adjusting well every day, but I thought a lot about wanting to go to Korea and missing them.”

Lee Seong-mi said, “Today, Nam-gil’s brother appeared, but he is not in very good condition. I don’t usually meet people and it’s not all good. When he said, “I don’t act childish to children or show signs of being sick,” Gangnam-gil surprised everyone by answering, “I almost died three times.”

He admits to difficult moments, saying, “I had a myocardial infarction at the age of 41, sudden body weight at the age of 49, stomach collapse at the age of 59, etc.

Yang Hee-eun then admitted, “I also got away from my child while undergoing major surgery in my 30s, and since then I started raising a puppy.” One burst and I went to hospital. When I was young, I was shocked, but when I got older, I became bolder in the face of shock. My daughter was 13 when I got cancer, and her mother died when I was 13. So I thought, ‘What if my daughter lives like me?’ It was so painful.”

On the other hand, Gangnam-gil invites actor Lim Ye-jin, who is a very grateful colleague and a close younger brother, and who boasts the strongest teamwork that has been matched by appearing as a married couple more than 10 times in plays. Broadcast at 10:40pm on the 30th.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (junsoo@etnews.com)

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