“Youth π Project” pioneers a national style and pop music collides with the new generation to sing cultural

Wang Pushi

Amid the fierce rock and roll drum beats, a charming Kunqu opera sounded on stage, and rock and roll loving Kunqu opera actor Wang Pushi won warm cheers from the audience with his song “Ming Song”. Produced by Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, the co-created music competition variety show “Youth π Project” aired its sixth episode on June 1. Music youth such as Wang Pushi, Tai Yi, Shen Chuanqi, etc. ignite the scene with a new national style platform. They continue to inherit Chinese music culture in a youthful way, creatively integrate elements of rock, opera, martial arts, and folk customs, and show the innovative expression of the traditional culture of the new generation young people through a great stage with strong appeal.

Combining modern music with traditional opera, innovation and inheritance of Chinese culture

Wang Pushi, who has studied Kunqu opera for 11 years and is also the lead singer of a rock band, brought the song “Ming Song” on the stage of “Youth Project π”, which combines rock opera and Kunqu. The exciting rhythm and rhythm The drum beats are combined with the sonorous and powerful vocals of Kunqu opera, which perfectly combines the power of rock and roll with the loveliness and grace of Kunqu opera, bringing a new and special look to the scene.


Taiyi, another powerful player in the gym, wrote his experience of practicing martial arts since he was a child into a song called “Zhonghua”. When the heaviness of Chinese martial arts clashed with the relaxed and steady singing skills, Tai Yi ignited the most Chinese musical desire in his heart with his powerful performance.

Integrating traditional elements with fashionable culture, allowing cultural heritage to enter life experience, young musicians internalize their understanding of traditional culture into musical expression, and use their talents to continue writing national style musical expression.

A new interpretation of a traditional folk youth stage amazed the audience

Dressed in a red dress, Shen Chuanqi walked the red carpet 35 meters alone to the stage, and Shen Chuanqi, who was remembered by the audience in the style of a musical, once again amazed everyone. On the stage of her creative adaptation of “囍”, with the performance of traditional instruments such as suona, Shen Chuanqi vividly interprets the joys and sorrows of the main character in the song with accurate dance and sharp high notes. Zheng Jun and Wang Feng The audience was pleasantly surprised.

Shen Chuanqi

“Everyone’s music style is completely different, and this is the biggest advantage of the younger generation.” Wang Feng couldn’t help applauding after watching the young people’s performances. Whether they use music forms such as rock and pop to carry the weight of traditional culture, or understand and present national style music in a new generation way, young people express themselves in the music they are good at, and create a genuine personality with love and hard work Inherit Chinese culture.

On the unlimited youth stage “Youth Project π”, a combination of tradition and modernity, music youth integrate new knowledge and ideas into national style music, and sing a different splendor with bold and surprising expressions. The program is broadcast in its entirety on Mango TV every Thursday at 12:00 noon, and broadcast jointly on Hunan satellite TV. Let us wait to see how the “π youth” will innovate and inherit’ the tradition, and sings of the infinite youth.


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