YouTube Premium adds an annual package, priced at 1,439 baht/year, can apply until 23 Jan. 65

YouTube Premium adds an annual package, priced at 1,439 baht/year, 119.91 baht per month, is a promotional price until 23 Jan. 65 Hurry up to apply before the time expires.

YouTube Premium adds an annual package, priced at 1,439 baht, can apply until 23 Jan. 65

YouTube has opened the package. YouTube Premium yearly price 1,439 baht/year which if divided on average (12 months) will fall 119.91 baht/month per month, cheaper than the monthly package at 159 baht/month (12 months is 1,908 baht)

This means that with a yearly YouTube Premium subscription, you’ll save £469 on the new yearly plan.

The YouTube Premium packages that are currently available for purchase are:

  • Monthly (General) 159 baht/month
  • Yearly 1,439 baht/year
  • Family 299 baht/month
  • Student 95 baht/month

If anyone has the budget and uses YouTube often, buying the yearly package is very worthwhile, but you need to hurry up becauseAnnual promotional price is only available until 23 Jan 20.

YouTube Premium It is a special YouTube service that has the following privileges:

  • Watch ad-free videos
  • background video playback or listen to music while using other apps or when locking the screen
  • Load videos for offline viewing.
  • Listen to YouTube Music Premium ad-free.
  • Watch YouTube videos on a small screen while using other apps (Testing)

More information

  • Anyone who is already using another package would like to use the yearly plan. To cancel the old one and apply again, the yearly option will come up.
  • YouTube app on iPhone, iPad doesn’t have an annual plan option (at this time). We recommend logging in on the web and signing up on the web. Or via Android, you will get the same price as YouTube announced (more expensive on iPhone).
  • If you want the cheapest price, recommend a family. This is because the annual is a general single user package.

You can choose to subscribe to YouTube Premium from this link : YouTube Premium.

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