YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song) wears fakes… Netizens disagree

YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song) wears fakes… Netizens disagree

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Recently, a controversy has arisen over the suspicion of using fake products by YouTuber Freesia (real name Song Ji-ah), who is gaining popularity recently.

On the 16th, a YouTuber posted a video with suspicions that Freesia wore fakes instead of genuine products from luxury brands.

In the video, “There was a suspicion that Freesia was wearing a fake at a luxury cafe,” and pointed out that the design of the necklace of the luxury brand he wore is slightly different from the real one.

He also said that not only necklaces but also many clothing items were fake, and that “It is a problem for celebrities to wear fakes and attend luxury events.”

Netizens are arguing, “Whoever wears what they wear, they take issue with everything”, “Isn’t it a problem for celebrities to wear fakes?”, “It seems to have grown in popularity because of the suspicions.”

Recently, Freesia wears a school uniform with a short length that rises above her navel, and there has already been a controversy over sexual commercialization once.

Various allegations that are currently unconfirmed are exacerbating public opinion about the YouTuber. It is pointed out that this method of disclosure, which drives negative public opinion, is inappropriate even though the authenticity has not been revealed.

Meanwhile, Freesia, a YouTuber with about 1.8 million subscribers, recently appeared in ‘Solo Hell’ and gained great popularity with her doll-like appearance and honest and arrogant charm, and has emerged as a women’s wannabe star.

Intern reporter Kim Na-rae [email protected]

YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song) wears fakes… Netizens disagree

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