YouTuber “Hair is great”… “No apology devoid of an apology”


Yesterday (14th), I broke the news that a well-known YouTuber experienced some doubts in the process of having a refund for foods indicating that his hair arrived out in a hamburger shop.

This YouTuber made an formal clarification now (15th) stating that it is not a scam.

The shop proprietor said he would discover out the reality, and the law enforcement began a whole-scale investigation.

Reporter Jo Hui-yeon.


A group of renowned YouTubers showed off their hair at a hamburger cafe in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do and have been reimbursed for food stuff selling prices.

KBS requested for an clarification of the circumstance at the time, but the YouTuber, who could not be achieved, opened his mouth following the report went out.

Relating to the CCTV screen where by a thing was taken from the blanket and placed on a tissue, the YouTuber claimed it was a scene in which a piece of french fries was taken from the blanket and put on the tissue paper.

The hair was observed in a bowl made up of the hamburger and was positioned on a tissue, he claimed.

Nevertheless, he defined that there was no proof to substantiate his declare.

He claimed he will not recall a thirty day period in the past when he requested for foods back at the similar shop stating he had hair.

[유튜버/음성변조 : “저희 가족이 머리카락을 넣었다는, 냅킨에 올려놨다는 거는 사실이 아니예요. 자세한 내용은 수사 과정에서 상세히 말씀드릴 것이고, 수사 과정에서 저의 무고함이 명명백백하게 밝혀질 것입니다.”]

The owner of the hamburger shop resented this YouTuber’s assert, contacting it unapologetic slander.

He intends to reveal his name and the identify of the store and reveal the reality.

[구희석/햄버거 가게 주인 : “그런 행동을 저희가 조작할 수 있는 게 아니잖아요? 영상을. 그렇기 때문에, 그런 행동을 한 것 자체가 충격적이고, 사과 한마디도 없이, 지금까지 그렇게 안하무인 식으로, 적반하장으로, 이렇게 나오시면 너무 당황스럽고.”]

The law enforcement, who received a report from the shop proprietor, stated they experienced confirmed the YouTuber’s identity and stated they would launch a entire-scale investigation.

This is Jo Hyu-yeon from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Hong Ki-seok/Display screen credit: Koo Hee-seok

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