Ys Returns: A New Adventure with Adol Christine in a Twisted Story

The Return of the Popular Game Series ‘Ys’

In addition to the successful CWEDL Arwyr series, the renowned game franchise ‘Ys’ from Falcom is making a comeback. What’s more, it is being released simultaneously with the Korean version. With Ryu’s Trail being released just 2 months after the previous installment, we made an effort to avoid any pre-released information in Japan. However, this time, we were able to relish in the excitement of our first encounter.

An Exciting Prequel Story

The story of Ys takes us back to the childhood of the main character, Adol Christine, bridging the events between Ys2 and the flooding of Ys Celseta. On a journey to find the Celseta flower, Adol and his trusty companion Dogi become embroiled in an incident near Karnak, a town in Obelia Bay. Adol, as always, finds himself in the midst of the action, helping numerous individuals along the way.

Adol’s Unusual Transformation

For fans familiar with the previous installments, they may find the appearance of Adol in this release to be a little unfamiliar. Adol, who has aged throughout the series, suddenly regresses to his childhood. Unlike his previous adventures where he woke up with no memory on an unfamiliar beach, this time his journey begins on a boat. Adol’s ever-changing appearance reflects the technological advancements of Falcom.

A New Gameplay Experience

With a 35-year history, the ‘Ys’ series has undergone numerous changes and transformations. This time, the number of playable characters has been reduced, with Adol and Kaja taking center stage. This shift has significantly altered the battle dynamics. While one player controls Adol, the AI takes charge of Kaja. However, by pressing the R2 button, players can summon their ally for a powerful joint attack. Adol’s continuous attacks focus on reducing the enemy’s health, while Kaja specializes in breaking their defense shield. Players must tactically switch between the two characters depending on the situation.

Cooperation and Strategy

The puzzle elements encountered en route to boss battles require cooperation between Adol and Kaja. Burning thorn bushes with Adol’s special skill or freezing water to create platforms with Kaja’s ability are indispensable tactics. Since these gimmicks are occasionally used in boss battles, players must become adept at real-time character switching operations.

A Thrilling Combat Experience

This installment enhances combat enjoyment by incorporating a “Soullike” feel when dealing with massive bosses. Blocking or dodging enemy attacks adds an extra level of excitement. Dodging a blue speed attack with a dash activates a counterattack, while blocking a red power attack with a combination card increases the damage multiplier during a combination attack. Successfully guarding against an enemy attack significantly increases the SP meter. As the difficulty increases, players must master rushing and defending to avoid game over screens.

Expanded Adventure Scope

Unlike previous games where Adol relied solely on his strong legs for exploration, this time his adventures extend to the sea. As the story progresses, players embark on thrilling journeys, traveling between various islands on a boat. The addition of naval gunfights adds an exciting new element to gameplay.

Embracing Change for Future Transitions

While the introduction of naval battles may feel unfamiliar to some players, it opens up wider exploration opportunities and allows the Ys series to venture into new territory. It is a commendable endeavor that lays the foundation for future works.

A Captivating Story with Simultaneous Release

Falcom seemed to have focused their efforts on the popular ‘Legend of Heroes’ Trails series, leading many to view the Ys series as a nostalgic game played only by a select few. However, with the simultaneous release of this installment, players can now enjoy unexpected twists and turns in the story. Some may argue that the graphics and action may not match recent AAA games, but experiencing the unique charm of Falcom games is akin to savoring a trusted soup.

Thanks to the simultaneous release, players can fully immerse themselves in the captivating and unpredictable storyline.

In addition to the Cwedl Arwyr series, the popular game series ‘Ys’ which represents Falcom has returned. Moreover, it is released at the same time as the Korean version. Ryu’s Trail took 6 months, and Ryu’s Trail was released 2 months apart, so we had to make an effort to avoid pre-released information in Japan, but this time, we were able to enjoy the emotion of our first encounter.

Ys The story takes place back when the main character, Adol Christine, was still a child, and it takes place between the events of Ys2 and the flooding of Ys Celseta.

While on a journey to find the Celseta flower with his familiar colleague Dogi, who appears in every series, he becomes engrossed in an incident that happened near Karnak, a town in Obelia Bay, and as always, is in the middle of the event. and helps many people.

Ys x Nodix

For those who remember the previous series, the appearance of Adol we meet this time may be a little unfamiliar. Adol, who has been gradually aging through many times, suddenly returns to his childhood, and unlike before, where he was found with no memory on an unfamiliar beach, this time he the adventure begins while he is usually on a boat. And when you look at Adol’s appearance, which has changed as he gets younger, you can feel the development (?) of Falcom technology.

I went back to Adol’s childhood.

As a game that has a long history of 35 years, the ‘Ys’ series has gone through many changes so far, and tried a new transformation this time as well. Until Part 6, it was an action RPG where you controlled one Adol, and from Part 7 onwards, it transformed into a fighting game where you form a party with multiple characters, but this time, the number of players was reduced again and a feature Two-player combo action is included.

Adol and Kaza’s first meeting

Unlike the previous work, the number of people participating in the battle has been reduced to Adol and Kaja, so the style of the battle has also changed significantly. Normally, only one person controls him and the AI ​​is responsible for the other one, but by pressing the R2 button and pressing the attack button, he is summoned nearby and can launch a powerful joint attack on one person. Because Kaza uses an axe, he specializes in attacks that break the enemy’s defense shield, and Adol specializes in reducing the enemy’s health with continuous attacks, so you have to fight by switching between the two characters depending on the situation.

Become a trusted comrade who fights together

In addition, the puzzle part encountered on the way to the boss battle requires cooperation between the two characters. Even when exploring a dungeon, if there are thorn bushes, Adol’s special skill is used to burn them to overcome them, and in areas where there is water, Kaza uses a special skill to freeze the water to create a platform to climb up . Since this gimmick is sometimes used in boss battles, you need to get used to the real-time character switching operation.

Adol can burn the bushes blocking the path with his mana burst.

Since this work adds a Soullike feel to dealing with a massive boss, it’s also worth noting that it increases the fun of combat when blocking or dodging enemy attacks. If you dodge a blue speed attack with a dash, you can activate a counter attack. If you block a red power attack with a combination card, the damage multiplier increases during a combination attack. If you successfully use guard on the timing of one enemy attack, the SP meter increases significantly, and so on. On lower difficulties, enemies will melt away with just a combined attack, but as the difficulty increases, you’ll have to be good at rushing and defending to see less game over screens.

Each boss has a different gimmick, which makes it fun to challenge.

At first, the skills that can be used are limited, but as you open the release line and slots, the skills that can be used increase, and by equipping mana seeds in the slots, you gain additional abilities, so you can have more fun and more exciting action. .

Opening the release line increases the technology available.

Previously, Adol’s strong legs were used to travel around different areas and go on adventures, but this time, the scope of the adventure has expanded to include the sea, which is a notable change. As the story progresses, you will have adventures traveling around various islands on a boat. In addition to moving around, you can also enjoy naval gunfights at sea in a boat.

At first, the ship’s performance is low, so movement is slow, and artillery fire that takes time to reload can feel frustrating. However, as the story progresses and different characters join the crew, the ship’s performance is upgraded and the number of actions you can take on the ship increases, so you can feel like that you enjoy the age of the high seas.

take a boat to sea

As it is an element that did not exist before, some may find it a little different, but as the naval battles are not so difficult to execute and the places you can go are much wider, it has laid the foundation for the Ys series to try new work. future transitions I think this is a desirable endeavour.

You can also enjoy naval gunfire battles.

As Falcom seemed to be focusing all its energies on the popular Legend of Heroes’ Trails series, there was a feeling that the Ys series had become a nostalgic game series played only by those in the know. However, if you enjoy the Ys

Also, previously the game had to be started with most of the story revealed due to the release delay, but this time it was released at the same time, so you can enjoy the unexpected twists and turns that can be found in the story, which makes this work even more attractive. . Some people may feel that the graphics and action are lacking compared to recent AAA games, but if you play it, you will be able to feel the unique charm of Falcom games, which is like a soup that you can every time to trust him.

Thanks to the simultaneous release, you can fully enjoy the charming twisting story.

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