Yu Yu’s physical condition “stopped working on the show” I confirmed to him-Free Entertainment

Due to Yu Yu’s health condition, production of the show’s recording was temporarily suspended. (file photo)

[Sianel Adloniant / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]Wu Hanyu, a popular member of the CITIC Brothers sailing team “Yuyu”, is now one of the guests of the show “The Hunger Games”.

Yu Yu personally posted a message revealing his health status. (reposted from IG)

Recently, “The Hunger Games” went to Kaohsiung to record, but I didn’t expect to see Yu Yu in the group photo. The manager said: “It’s just physical discomfort, nothing serious.” To this, Yu Yu himself responded on IG: “Thank you for your concern, I’m fine (I’m fine), resting, waiting to I return.”

Yu Yu (left) is now a regular guest on The Hunger Games. (Provided by China Television)

In fact, yesterday (25) a reporter from the Japanese newspaper asked Yu Yu’s manager about the situation, and the manager responded: “I felt uncomfortable and came across a video, thank you for coordinating” r unit of production.” I also hope that fans are not worried, after Yu Yu recovers, she will recover Back to work.

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