Yuan Guoyong and 4 other experts recommended that 3 injections can be relaxed when life returns to normal, but masks are still needed

Almost three years have passed since the new crown pneumonia started in Hong Kong, and there have been calls from all walks of life in recent days to “return to normal”. The government’s expert adviser, Yuan Guoyong, together with three experts from the University of Hong Kong, wrote an article describing that the new crown virus has turned into a milder endemic disease. It is recommended that citizens who have received three doses of the new crown vaccine should. be allowed to “return to normal life” under the premise of wearing masks, including canceling Restrictions on restaurant business operations, and reversing the isolation of those without injections when medical institutions receive and treat confirmed patients. The CHP said the government’s interdepartmental team will monitor the development of the epidemic and decide whether the measures should be relaxed.

The article was jointly published by Chair Professor Yuan Guoyong, Honorary Assistant Professor Long Zhenbang, Clinical Associate Professor Chen Fuhe, and Professor Jin Dongyan from the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, HKU. They believe that the new round of cases since June this year can be called the “sixth wave of the epidemic”, which means that the raw case fatality rate of the sixth wave has dropped to 0.097%, which is significantly different from the 0.59% case fatality rate calculated by the government from the beginning of the year The team is expected to be linked to the high vaccination rate and the large number of citizens infected in the fifth wave.

Anti-epidemic measures with masks

Anti-epidemic measures with masks

Encourage respect for citizens who have not yet been vaccinated against the new crown

The team pointed out that a total of 91.5% of the Hong Kong population had received two injections, along with the sixth wave of natural infections, it is estimated that more than 95% of the population has an immune barrier against serious illness at this meal They described that the public should begin to understand that the new crown pneumonia has taken root in Hong Kong and has become an endemic disease, and society should begin to gradually relax and return to normal. They said that citizens who are still hesitant about vaccines should be respected After the launch of the return to normal plan, they and their family members can be required to take frequent rapid tests. If they are infected, they can try medical treatment and taking new oral crown drugs as soon as possible.

Scholars also believe that people who have received all injections should be allowed to gradually return to normal life, including the implementation of the fourth stage of the “vaccine passport” as soon as possible, further removing restrictions on the business hours of catering establishments and the number the people per table, and allow those who have received three injections to continue Returning to normal life while wearing a mask. They also feel that Hong Kong is fully qualified to implement the “0 + 7” access measures, and even use more aggressive plans to speed up the process of returning to normal.

In terms of testing, they said that routine tests should focus on those with symptoms and high-risk groups, and that nucleic acid tests can be replaced with rapid tests for several days in a row. The team also urges the government to stop routine sewage inspections and mandatory closed inspections which have no practical significance. Under the epidemic, public hospitals are about to “explode”. The team recommends using infection control measures for general respiratory viruses to admit and treat confirmed patients, but unvaccinated patients need to be treated separately. They hope to use this to ease the tension in public hospitals and reduce the impact on non-COVID-19 medical services.

Epidemic prevention measures Epidemic prevention measures

Epidemic prevention measures

Ho Pak Leung also advocates lifting restrictions on restaurants

Ho Pak-leung, director of the Center for Infection and Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, urged the Hong Kong government yesterday to cancel the less effective anti-epidemic measures, such as the number of people per restaurant and business hours restrictions, etc., thinking that by Hong Kong specific foundation for vaccination. Au Jiarong, the chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Health Protection Center, responded that the government’s interdepartmental team should review whether the measures should be relaxed to review the trend of the epidemic.

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