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Yuhan Corporation’s Janssen ‘Lexraza’ commercialization strategy is important

[인포스탁데일리=윤서연 기자] Yuhan Corporation has released positive data for ‘Rexraza’ (ingredient: Lazertinib).

NH Investment & Securities announced on the 5th that Yuhan announced the global phase 3 monotherapy results (LASER301) of Lazertinib, a non-small cell lung cancer treatment targeting EGFR, at the European Society of Oncology (ESMO) Asian Conference. .

Photo = Yuhan Corporation

Overall survival data were not disclosed, but the primary endpoint, progression-free survival (PFS), was 20.6 months in the Lazertinib group. It was about twice as long as the control group, a group administered gefitinib, which was 9.7 months.

The PFS in patients with brain metastases was 16.4 months with Lazertinib and 9.5 months in the control group.

Park Byeong-guk, a researcher at NH Investment & Securities, said, “This data makes us expect combination data like Phase 1 MARIPOSA, as well as the global release of monotherapy.” Interest is growing whether to apply or not. applause,” he said.

However, as this is also decided by Janssen, market conditions other than data are evaluated as important.

Janssen’s strategic focus in developed countries is expected to be on combination therapy, and in underdeveloped countries, launching monotherapy is considered very attractive given the drug price burden.

Yuhan Corporation share price trend. Source = Naver

Researcher Park said, “The variable for the release of Lazertinib monotherapy in underdeveloped countries will be the Reference Pricing System (IRP), which negotiates drug prices by referring to drug prices in other countries.” It is also possible to apply, so Yuhan could be instrumental in persuading Janssen to apply for US approval. “

We maintain our Buy rating and target price of W80,000.

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